How can you tell if eggs are still fresh or already bad


A soft – or hard-boiled Egg is a perfect Breakfast, but do you know how long the Egg stored in the refrigerator? And you can’t eat eggs after the expiration of the minimum durability date (best before date) really?

In the case of eggs, the following applies: for about two weeks after the end of the MHDs eggs can be safely consumed. The only exception to this is if you are using eggs for dishes such as Tiramisu or other Desserts that require raw eggs. In the case, the eggs should be as fresh as possible. This comes from a recommendation of the consumer center.

the Smell of eggs putrid, you should throw away you prefer. The Same applies, if the cooked eggs taste already fibrous, then it is better not to keep eating.

this Test check the Freshness of eggs

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The well-known water-glass Test is a good indicator of whether the Egg that you want to eat, is still fresh. You put the raw Egg in a glass of water. Fresh eggs stay at the bottom. Slightly older eggs are edible, they are still. The Egg floats but above, it should be disposed of.

it is also, eggs have already exceeded the MHD to use for baking and cooking. Because high temperatures kill germs and infection, for example, by Salmonella, can be avoided. You can use the expired eggs for fried eggs, you fry these on both sides.

So the eggs stay fresh longer

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you have to Store a certain influence on the Freshness of the eggs: this, if possible, below 10° Celsius in the refrigerator door, or in the egg carton. In addition, you should make sure that the bowl of raw eggs with other foods. The only way to a possible Salmonella transfer to other products is excluded.

boil eggs hard and not eat these on the same day, they must be disposed of immediately. Hard-boiled eggs about one to two weeks to keep it in the fridge. Industrially painted Easter eggs are due to a protective coating even more durable.

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