How do we learn with this book to cook for ourselves


“We live in a culinary wild times,” says Stevan Paul. The author of the cookbook “cooking.”. Between Superfood and poke-Bowl, food scandals and patronage from all sides. This book is about cooking, you can do whatever you want.

It is two kilograms, about 500 recipes that follow a System. Each dish and each recipe can be combined, as it tastes best. This results not only in a variety of combinations, but something very essential is created and you learn, with this book, to cook for themselves.

“The German television chefs have abandoned their educational mission, long ago in favour of a Competition-game shows, so I thought I would write on the subject of cooking times, a book that can really help,” says Stevan Paul in an interview with the star.


The two-kilogram standard plant. “to cook.” by Stevan Paul. Published by Brandstätter. 408 pages. 40 Euro.

But the book is really what it promises? What is striking first of all, in this book there is no farm romance and no seasons. The structure of the book is classic French: appetizers, fish and seafood, vegetables, sauces and stocks, meat, cheese and Desserts. The recipes follow, to some extent, a French menu. There are also lots of cooking technique, taste, and also customer goods. Still sounds not particularly.

Classic cooking, but modern: The standard work of the 21st century. Century

The gimmick is hidden but in the recipes themselves, will be told in a new way. Nothing must, everything are suggestions. “The recipes break down into their individual parts,” explains Paul. An example: In the book there is a recipe for Wiener Schnitzel, endive salad and rhubarb-cranberry compote. You have only pleasure in the Schnitzel? No Problem. You need a compote for something else? Also you can detached from the chips cook. In the same way as the salad. At the end of every single lead Cause the parts to the point. Each recipe also tips and variations. Here, too, the Motto: “to cook, you can do whatever you want” applies.

the structure of The paper acts as a mesh, the mesh is interwoven. And this is exactly why it is so special. It is a standard work that draws on the classics, and this modern interpretation. It has the dusty character, the many similar cookbooks have. 40 years ago, ambitious chefs had perhaps the work of Paul Bocuse on the shelf. There are many classics which are now outdated, but most of the time.

“You can learn with this book to cook, but also to find his own taste,” says Paul. Paul’s Ambition is that people are cooking again individually. Because that is gone, in his opinion, in the last years lost. “The young Generation of today has the choice, but in the end you are yet in the poke Bowl. I think much is lost. We have become a To-Go society. Over-cooking is to be found a kind of grounding, back to basics.”

do you Dare to cook again for yourself

Stevan Paul wants to do with his cookbook, courage, things to try out. The cookbook is intended to be for our latitude. Nevertheless, Kimchi, Korean, Chinese cabbage, and Dashi are to be found in a Japanese court bouillon. Paul is Convinced that these two ingredients are indispensable in our kitchen today. You can always find more space on our dining cards. In the cookbook, then, is the classic Béchamel Sauce as well as a Wasabi Sauce, potato gratin in the same way as Miso carrots with Quinoa, Duck breast as well as chicken wings.

if you want more than recipes, is repealed with this book. There are a number of chapters to a client, such as a spice or the Sauce sets. And also one for the hospitality. How to fix it, at a table together. The book can be understood as a recipe collection, but also as a lexicon, with which you can dive into the depth.

“cook.” is the modern answer to Paul Bocuse. This cook book arrived in 2019 and a tail for Millennials, but also for their parents and grandparents. And could be a good companion for the next decades in the kitchen.

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