How do you make fish sticks yourself?


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How to make fish sticks myself, John King?

Tricks from the professional kitchen

top chefs share their secrets: How to be a real “Wiener Schnitzel”?

Quite simply, a Good fillet of cod to get it cut in two the thickness of a Finger bar, and only minimally with salt and pepper and then also going on already with the Breading. Please do not make any finished bakery breading! You have to grate the breadcrumbs, so that it has chips of bread. Because if you would look at a batter time under a magnifying glass, then this is a small, round beads. If you are the bread to each other, then you have chopsticks, a press plate – no fish!

but If you have bread, chips, then the criss-cross, intertwine, and overlap. This is much more airy, much more crunchy and the fish is much faster and does not absorb it nearly as much fat. Who has no time to grate the bread, you can also use Pankomehl – this is also very good! We bake our fish sticks almost floating in pure butter-oil. This won’t take long – 20, 30, maximum 40 seconds, until the fish sticks are done. And only now, finally, some good sea salt on top. This is sensationally good!

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