If chefs food allergies not to be taken seriously, it can be fatal


Ben Faltwell is allergic to eggs. About six years ago, he ate in a French cafe in Amsterdam and made the waiter before impressive it clear that he could not eat eggs. He was allergic to. So he asked if eggs were in the pastries. The waiter spoke with the chef and assured that no eggs were in it. As the waiter came to the table, asked Faltwell again. If he could really guarantee that, in the pastries, no eggs were. The waiter replied in the affirmative again. So bite Faltwell into it and suffered an allergic reaction.

Within seconds he can tell if a dish contains eggs or not. His tongue begins to itch. The next few hours spent Faltwell on the toilet and had to pass. It is not the only case, of which the “Guardian” reported. Food allergies are often not taken seriously or simply ignored. In the worst case, this can be fatal.

especially for adults

this is Why we develop more and more food intolerances

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

in 2016, the death of one 15-year-old girl from the consequences of an allergic reaction. You bought a Baguette with artichoke and olive paste on it. What was not mentioned: The bread contained sesame seeds. The 15-Year-old was allergic to it. She died a few hours later. Another girl died of a peanut Allergy. The peanuts were in a court of a delivery service. When you Order the girl noted that she was allergic to peanuts. The restaurant owner was later convicted of negligent homicide.

allergies to take to

allergies to certain foods, because experts are sure, and also in adults who had childhood never have problems with it. In principle, any food can trigger an allergic reaction. Especially children often react to basic foods such as milk, eggs, wheat or nuts.

Restaurant needs to close

death in the star Restaurant: Spanish woman dies after dinner with your family

In adolescents and adults, there are an increased number of allergies to plant foods such as fruits, vegetables or nuts. Also cross-reactions play an important role. For example, if someone has a pollen Allergy and then also on certain fruits and vegetables is not responding. But not every reaction to a food is automatically an Allergy. It can also be simply a temporary intolerance.

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people with food allergies are often ridiculed. And often their symptoms are often dismissed by their environment as intolerant. You should not do so. There is a big difference between an intolerance and an Allergy. From this fate the star-author, Denise is affected by a remote wood. She suffers from celiac disease, so an Allergy to Gluten which is the glue in wheat. Even the smallest traces can trigger complaints. Here you can read more about their fate.

After Ben responded Faltwell allergic to the pastry, said the chef to the incident. The pastries had been eggs, but he assumed that this would pose because of the heat during baking and frying is no problem. Faltwell had a blessing in disguise. However, allergies are serious and should be dealt with. They do not always lead to death, but can still put the health at risk.

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