Ikea has new plans for the popular Swedish meatballs


No Ikea visit without eating? For many customers, the Swedish furniture retailer has also become a popular Restaurant. Whether Swedish almond cake, salmon sandwiches or the hot Dog at the output – long Snacks at Ikea, sales have become the driver. In the year 2018, Ikea made with its culinary offer, with a turnover of 239,6 million euros.

One of the most popular classics in the Restaurants meatballs are Swedish hack in cream sauce with cranberries. Still, at least, so Ikea believes. Because the group sees the need for a changing customer. And is now working on an Alternative to the meatballs, reports various media.

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Smaller shops, Online-Shops and Job-removal: So Ikea wants to be fit for the future

Ikea is barely growing – at least in the established markets such as Germany. The idea of the vast furniture markets of green Meadow, is on its way out. Now, the Swedish group pivots. It will cost jobs.

meatballs as a vegan food

Because the meatballs will also be available in a vegan version, but it should give the meatballs still. “I see a future without meat? It depends on how far we want to look forward. I don’t see that in the near future. Even in a 10-year range, I still think that the people meat to eat. But I think you are dramatically less food,” said Michael La Cour, managing Director of Ikea Food Services.

What should the new balls and with which manufacturer Ikea this cooperation will take is still unknown. Clear is only, that Ikea wants to begin from next year, with a test phase, to check whether the customers wish to have the vegetarian meatballs at all. Ikea already offers the hot Dog in a vegan version. The sausage consists of green cabbage, red lentils, Quinoa, onions and carrots. Since April of 2019, European Ikea stores also have vegan soft serve.


“My whole life was a lie”: Swedish meatballs come from Sweden

Ikea, the private company is currently building a radical, to make it more sustainable and fit for the future – and with this step alone. The big Burger chain McDonald’s has started recently a vegan Burger to the range. In the case of the discounters, Lidl are now selling the vegan patties of the “Beyond burgers”, which are also plant proteins.


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