In North America, eggs are stored in the refrigerated section, nowhere else in the world


In Germany, you can buy eggs in the supermarket or at the weekly market-directly from the farmers. There, they are usually offered in a non-refrigerated in the Display. But those who seek in the United States in the supermarket for eggs in the refrigerated section to find it. In the whole of Europe and almost nowhere else in the world eggs are sold chilled in retail. What’s up with that?

In the United States and in Canada, too, be washed with fresh chicken eggs and dried. The reason for this? With this method, it should be ensured that no infectious chicken droppings on the egg shell. For example, Salmonella, which can be hazardous to health for the consumer. That’s a benefit, is it? In this country, but it is actually not recommended to Wash the eggs. In Europe, the industrial Washing is prohibited even. Out of fear of Salmonella or other contaminants some consumers to wash eggs from the raw to the shopping or clean. However, this was not recommended, says the consumer. Eggs have a natural layer of protection. The is damaged, germs can penetrate more easily into the Interior of the ice.

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Washed vegetables or salads

it Is already on the packaging – for example, in the case of pre-packaged salads, or vegetables – there is no reason to wash it again. Save here, rather water and use vegetables and salad better.

but Why are the Americans then wash your eggs? Of course any dirt from the peel is rinsed off, but also the valuable layer of protection. In comparison: In Europe, care was taken that eggs are not contaminated in advance. For example, chickens against Salmonella are vaccinated and you trust the fact that the shell of the ice cream naturally protects against germs and bacteria.

Except in the USA, eggs are better at room temperature store

the eggs Are washed first, it is necessary to cool them permanently. From the farms to the consumers home. Only in this way can be ensure that any potential bacteria in the Egg Interior. Therefore, the following applies: washed the Egg, it should be better stored in the refrigerator. Room temperature would speed up the bacterial growth.

the Egg-but-still-natural layer of protection, you should store it better at room temperature. So the Egg is not wet and there is no breeding ground on which bacteria can grow.

Who lives in the USA, should keep his balls better in the fridge.

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