It is not enough to have great cooking books, you also have to know the kitchen tricks


few of us have stood next to mom at the stove and cooking helped. Fried eggs and spinach, with a tomato sauce out of the glass and the Evidence of a purchased Pizza base and the skills with which we moved out to the home and in the own four walls are moved in were noodles. For the time of the study was that a sufficient Basis. Sometime then suddenly we had friends that had it on it. The food tasted even, sometimes, as if we were in the Restaurant. This awakened our desire for more, we started to wish us cookbooks for Christmas, and occasionally a meal out of it. Sometimes it tasted good, sometimes really great and sometimes we were not satisfied with the result. Something had not worked out as we had it to ourselves on the basis of the recipe is presented. Honestly, when I write “we” and “us” I mean “I” and “me”. My Problem is the sauces have always been.

My grandma has aces in the late 1920s, to house “the kitchen learned”. Even if it is a North Rhine-Westphalian moated castle from the 14th century. Century is, it sounds more romantic than it was. (Like life in “Downton Abbey”, but it’s in the cellar, as a Daisy …), your favorite story was always that it should taste schnepf mud, a dish made of the entrails of a snipe and its contents. So by digested intestinal contents. Today, eating well, and my grandmother did not want to try that. She just claims that it taste excellent and could be served.

Wilhelm Busch commented once:

The Gourmand has thought of in a dream to snipe shit. He is dreaming, it would have made him an angel, what on the tongue.

As you learn today, “the kitchen”? to sauces

Despite my love for delicious food and if I can do meanwhile, Jamie Oliver’s and Ottolenghis recipes, I still can’t. The consistency just will not succeed. It is probably of ambition, otherwise I would have seen me during the annual Preparation of the Christmas goose or duck is a Youtube Tutorial for the Sauce. Instead, we always eat a kind of Katastrophenmix from drippings with a finished rear and a shot of red wine to the bird.


“cook book without the recipes: kitchen practice,” by Ingrid Andrew, Verlag Anton 256 pages, 27 Euro Blows, here, can be ordered

©Verlag Anton Pustet

For 2019, however, I am hopeful. The Austrian publisher Anton Pustet (Nomen est omen!) the series “a cook book without recipes” and the same four times. Volume 1, “kitchen practice,” has just been published and is dedicated to, among other things, my weakness: “roadside assistance in the case of sauces” is a section where the ribbon bookmark is already in a fixed location. What to do in case of clumps, if the Sauce curdles, what if it is too salty? The 81-year-old Ingrid Andreas has a solution for every Problem. But the book is much more: The author will teach us all what is in the recipes of our cook book collections, and we have not learned at home. From the proper preparation to Preserve, by the proper Use of a Zest of a surface gauge to Convert Weights and measurements. And in addition to the detailed Index that makes every problem easy to find, it even contains a Glossary with translation AIDS: the Austro–German. Andreas will live for 70 years in Salzburg.

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