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cow’s milk has not a very good eco-balance. One of the reasons why more and more people on a plant milk having to change trains. The sales of the milk Alternatives is growing from year to year. This is partly due to the fact that the Lifestyle of people is changing: more and more eat a vegan or vegetarian, or consciously value it to consume less animal products such as cow’s milk.

One more reason to plant drinks in a little more detail. “Öko-Test” has tested 18 Alternative to cow’s milk, of which three varieties: oat, soy and almond milk. The result is clear: oat drinks, fare particularly well. They consistently get very good grades. All of the Allos oat Drink natural for 1,99 Euro the Liter, as well as the Alnatura oat Drink for 1.19€. In the case of the soya drinks, soya Drink, natural Referred for 1.15 euros to the grade of “Very good”, the Provamel organic almond for 2,99 Euro.


Why almond milk is not a good Alternative to cow’s milk and what you should drink instead

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

However, both soy and almond milk stand in for the criticism: In the production of soybean cultivation at the expense of the rain change, and it is usually genetically modified mono-cultures, the be protected by the use of pesticides against pests. The soy for the soy milk, however, is something more sustainable. Market leader Alpro used, for example, soy from Canada and Europe, and is trying to make sure that the cultivation is as sustainable as possible and as little pesticides are used as possible.

Try it with oat milk

The production of almond milk, however, is a little more problematic is that 80 percent of the processed almonds come from California. Grown on huge areas of mono-cultures, the almond is, in itself, also requires a lot of water. For a kilogram of almonds, the nuts need to have more than 10,000 liters of water, because the almond trees are often in very dry areas. This is true at least for the almond cultivation in California. For European cultivation areas, no Figures are available.

Good to know: This plant drinks it as an Alternative to cow’s milk – not always the better choice Fullscreen

soy milk

are you especially Americans and Europeans, soy milk drink the most. Market leader Alpro use soya from Canada and Europe, and is trying to make sure that the cultivation is as sustainable as possible and as little plants will be used protection as possible. The organic offshoot Provamel refers to soy fully out of Europe. The soy milk of the French organic company’s Soy (Soya!) used soy, which comes exclusively from France.

At the most sustainable in the consumption of oat milk. For that you need cleared, neither rain forests, the California Central Valley are irrigated. The Swedish company Oatly used, for example, oats in the center of the country. Also, the company is Called, refers exclusively to the German oats.

This is also confirmed by “Öko-Test”: In the case of oat milk there is no Problem with genetic engineering, no glyphosate, and no harmful heavy metals. The easiest way to obtain organic oat drinks.

the Taste, however, you have to get used to the plant drinks. “Öko-Test” writes, that the plant drinks should taste like the raw materials and not to artificial vanilla flavors as the beverage of Kölln and Alpro. Therefore, there is – from the sensory point of view – point deductions for the milk alternatives.

read the full Test fee!

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