It’s all a matter of the sauce: Happy Birthday, sausage!


you has to be separated in English as Garbage, the Bundesliga, and “meal,”Say. The curry sausage is 70 years old. More precisely: The legend of the invention has a birthday. On 4. September 1949, to the stirred Ostpreußin Herta Heuwer in Berlin for the first Time a sauce made from tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, curry powder and other spices and a fried and cut into small pieces cooked and poured. All this allegedly because she was bored.

Ten years later, the curry sausage was Heuwer sauce as a Patent protect. “I have the Patent and that’s that. Anyone who claims otherwise has a trick”, said the 1999 late snack owner to do so. The legend has competition. Uwe Timm describes in his novel “The invention of curried sausage”, like the hamburger, Lena Brückner crashes on the stairs. In one Hand she has a Curry, and the other Ketchup – ready-made sauce.

more Recently, the sausage should even be an invention of lower Saxony. So, it looks anyway, Prince Alexander of Schaumburg-Lippe in Bückeburg, near Hannover. The birthplace of the Currywurst proof was his castle kitchen, he claimed. A chef should have after the war for officers of the British Rhine army from apricot jam, tomato ketchup, Curry and salt in a sauce is to be prepared and already in 1946. Also in the Ruhr area, there are people who want to have evidence for the early period of the sausage found.

In the sausage capital of Berlin, Curry 36″ in the old West and “Konnopke’s are “” in the East, the best-known addresses. Around lunch time, people standing in a queue there. Still popular: Once a “Curry” with French fries red-and-white, with Cola. The cocoa-bottles, the stand next to the Grill, like to be ordered by builders, such as Lazo Vujinovic (35) of the “Curry 36” is told in Kreuzberg. He believes, of course, that the Currywurst is a Berlin invention. “It would be indeed sad if I did that.” What makes a good sauce? “It contains a lot of tomato and few other additives.”

For curry sausages, people stand in line

Curry 36 is Open until 5.00 o’clock in the morning, almost always there is people grapes. The, founded in 1980, the Diner is, as its website advertises, “is practically a world heritage site”. Tom Hanks should have been there. On one of the standing tables to eat just a student from Paris, French fries and sauce floating sausages. Actually a funny idea that the German culture should be. “I don’t like sausage, but here’s one that I like,” says one of the French girls. The calories you just don’t care.

the sausage Is only for tourists and pensioners? “This is nonsense,” says Lazo Vujinovic. Who eats the sausage? “All of them.” Similar to colorful Dagmar Konnopke (53) describes their guest mix. It ranges, therefore, from the workers to the suit. Your Snack, a family company in its fourth Generation, is located under the metro viaduct at the Eberswalder Straße in Prenzlauer Berg. Not just cozy, but that’s exactly what the people like. In GDR times, a work area. Today, students, high earners and buses with tourists arrive.

All eat curry sausage

continues Even in times of Bio, Eco and vegan sausage: the business with The meat. “The majority attaches to the classics,” says Dagmar Konnopke. As for the recipes, because she smiles. “You want to always all know.” The cardboard shell is a pork sausage lands with spices velvet Ketchup from Werder in Brandenburg, Germany. A lot more you can’t elicit. Family secret.

According to estimates, plastering the Germans every year 800 million per year. If no fries are served with it, according to an article in the “meat industry” 80 percent of the value to the customer on a bun. Half the Toast falls through. Regularly, the curry Wurst is crowned the most popular canteen food. In Neuwied in Rhineland-Palatinate there is a separate Festival for people of the “Highway to Hell”sauce, or a Beetroot-raspberry-like addition.

In the Cologne “Tatort” is the return of the Klaus J. Behrendt (also known as Max Ballauf) and Dietmar Bär (also known as Freddy Schenk) to a Shack on the river Rhine. The “sausage bar” is not a backdrop, you there really. Sausage-Folklore in Germany, so plenty of.

For the anniversary of the radio station can find out the song of the sausage by Herbert Grönemeyer – “Wat schönret is et not as such as curry sausage,” it States. Grönemeyer make the decision before the choice to go for the meatball, as he said to the RBB. “I don’t like sausage.” The had to digest his Fans, too.

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