Joko and Matthias Schweighöfer make wine – and, fortunately, help


The winemaker Juliane Eller has taken well over six years ago, the winery of their parents and it completely turned inside out. Since then, her own wine line is a gem from the grape varieties Riesling, grey and white Burgundies on the market. In 2015, they wanted to reach a younger audience and went in search of a celebrity, the should make their wines known. So they wrote to the Moderator and actor Joko winter scheidt in Facebook. The repeated Matthias Schweighöfer in the boat.

The “III friends,” as they have christened their wine line, have now brought the third wine on the market: a Pinot Gris, a Rosé and a Riesling that carries clearly the handwriting of a winemaker. A strong character and a delicious Riesling. The star has taken the wine-maker, Joko winterscheidt and Matthias Schweighöfer to the conversation.

Til Schweiger is Günther Jauch’s and now also to you, Mr winter scheidt and Mr. Schweighöfer. Why do now all the celebs wine and no beer?

winter scheidt: The question was never asked. I don’t know if I ‘Yes’ would have said, would have asked first if I want to make Beer. If the wine world, I have a clear picture: the classic wine-growing areas, such as in France or the Mosel. This is a way of life that resonates there. When I think of beer, I see a pub in my home town – also beautiful, but different. Since the wine feeling is closer to me.

Schweighöfer: It is simply a completely different world, which is so far removed from what we do. You to open the horizon of simply encouraging you with a little dealing with what you do. We make wine, because it fills me with Pride, when we get student a photo on Instagram, holding a glass of wine in the sun.

a winemaker Juliane Eller

This is the woman behind the wine of Joko and Matthias Schweighöfer is

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

How did it come about that the three of you make wine?

winter scheidt: The Jule pushed …

Creator: I have contacted Joko, who called the winery. Papa was in it. Then we met. And Joko has said, I have here a Homie, Matthias Schweighöfer. Then I met with Matti in Berlin, and then we have losgelegt easy. Short version.

winter scheidt: (laughs) I’m telling the story very much in a half hour, because I think she’s beautiful – and the others always make fun of me.

Juliane Eller has messaged you on Facebook.

winter scheidt: Exactly. I’ve done short smart about Jule. You weren’t aware of before. I was by then a classic label buyer. And the presentation of the gem-crying is beautiful, and I just call. I relatively asked quickly, whether you are meeting would like to Matthias, because I could well imagine that he might find it interesting. Because Matthias and I like to drink a wine.

Juliane Eller is the winemaker and does all the work. How exactly is your contribution to the wine looks? Or you just drink?

Schweighöfer: We were reading in the wine.

winter scheidt: We were already in the basement.

Schweighöfer: We were already in the Tanks. If we go now, but to Jule on the winery and say, so the grapes can you quiet a bit of tender lose weight, then the wine is perhaps a little better, then skin the us directly in the face. And says travel back home.

you have now released three wines under the Label “III friends” on the market: a Pinot Gris, a Rosé, and the latest addition to a Riesling is.

Schweighöfer: The Rosé was my idea. Joko and I are both Rosétrinker and now, where we sit at the source, we asked ourselves: How is Rosé actually works? This is red wine and white wine mixed? Jule had not yet made a Rosé, but like it. The Riesling, however, is your flag ship, in it she has a black belt …

Creator: It’s great, you simply try something, and now even greater Feedback.

you Have well-read about wine, or all of Juliane Eller explain?

winter scheidt: It’s not about who can do what …

Creator: We just sit, have a good time and talk about it. It’s not about the Factual. I do not question now, the citrate cycle, …

Schweighöfer: … and we are Third also. Jule is on the floor, Joko, the office man is behind it, and I’ll do the Whole thing publicly and teach.

winter scheidt: I thought you were going to say: it is the ground, I am the vine and you are the grape. That would have been a nice picture. But you’re not stop (laughs).


New wines

Til Schweiger: “in the past, I could drink three bottles of wine in the evening”

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

you want to appeal to the young people.

Schweighöfer: Between 12 and 14 (laughs). No, our target audience is actually everyone. But younger people have to look at again a little more.

winter scheidt: We do not have anyone in front of eyes – as a target group. It is our Hobby, and never feels as if it were a Job.

Creator: We do not think for a long time. We just make and take the decisions out of the belly. And this is in the end exactly what we want to do.

winter scheidt: And who don’t like it, tastes it, and to whom.

you Drink a lot of wine?

winter scheidt: Less and selected. Previously, it was open for dinner before a bottle. The regulated total. I’m trying to do is also an alcohol-free year in the sequence. The here will learn none of that here, a glass of wine in front of me, is it? (laughs). It is the conscious enjoyment and that enjoying something with friends.

What to enter in the cut for a good bottle of wine?

winter scheidt: I don’t know. When it comes to the cut, we would have to talk about it, which I take to me for free from the warehouse. (laughs)

I mean, if you buy wine for yourself. Give you more than ten euros?

winter scheidt: Certainly. And also moves to the top – with the confrontation of art and dem craft that is behind the wine making. If I buy now a bottle to Drink, then I’m moving there for a maximum of between 15 and 20 euros. There can be runaway. The other day I bought a rose from the Hamptons for 40 Euro. Because I wanted to know how the is.

And what was he like?

winter scheidt: has not Disappointed me, was the madness. But I would buy him a second or third Time. It was a pleasure and only for a Moment.

you can Buy your wines in the supermarket?

winter scheidt: I go to the wine merchant.

Schweighöfer: I can’t buy wine in the supermarket.

TV presenter and wine-growers

Günther Jauch sold his wine at Aldi – why is this awesome

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

What are the varieties you drink the most?

Schweighöfer: Of our wines, the Rosé. I’m just a big Fan of Rosé. The Pinot Gris is also very tasty.

winter scheidt: I can’t define. It is up to the winemaker to it. The first SIP says so much, if I the wine. I will not be differentiated according to grape varieties. I just like no Chardonnay if it tastes okay, so if it is the oak from the barrel by tastes.

Creator: Pinot Blanc, Riesling, and Pinot Noir is my favorite.

winter scheidt: Wherein, if I had to guess – I just discovered Silvaner for me.

Mrs Eller, they also sell their own wines. In comparison: Note that the “III friends”-wines that sell faster than the gem line?

Creator: If Matthias and Joko to make a Post in Instagram, with their nearly two million followers, since the orders in the Online Shop a go quickly. This is a strong range that we can use.

If someone has no idea about the wine, what would you the Person order in a Restaurant?

Schweighöfer: …

winter scheidt: I’ve tastes it …

Creator: Currently, in any case, a dry Burgundy. Gray or white Burgundy, are to eat totally compatible, because you can’t go wrong.

Schweighöfer: Absolutely. That would have been my answer.

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