Juice from spoiled Apples – why Apple juice is tasty


There is probably nothing more Refreshing than Apple cider. The urdeutsche drink know the Austrians as “g’injected Apple juice”, in Germany there is the spritzer as a finished product in each cooling shelf. But the joy is quickly marred when you take the drinks more closely.

The Foundation goods test. 24 non-alcoholic Apple spritzers only creates a good overall verdict: Wiesgart of Aldi Nord, with the 39 cents per litre, one of the cheapest in the Test. Seven of the products fall in contrast with “poor”, and seven more are only sufficient. Including not only a cheap own – brands of supermarkets, and discounters, but also well – known brands such as Lift-the is part of the test losers and Sinalco, but also trendy Bioschorlen. What is the reason for the cloudy results?

The analysis of the Stiftung Warentest suggest that most providers do not process good juice qualities, with almost every other juice is still the flavor is good, the food (for three euros per litre) and Fritz-spray very well. The poor grades, therefore, that it lacks most of the spritzers at Apple aroma, like the Tester to explain.

Artificial or natural?

Greasy Apples: The one that hides behind the layer of wax on the fruit

By Denise Snieguole Wachter At Apple spritzers it comes to Aroma

there are two options such as Apple juice spritzers in the bottle. Either from concentrate, Apples are pressed and inserted a thick slurry is evaporated, and thereafter to be again filled up with water. Here are the most important flavours will be lost often. Or spritzers with juice, the taste are usually better than the from concentrate. Nevertheless, the little Aroma, the reason could be the fact that immature Apples or too high temperatures are used during processing.

In two spritzers – in Dennree and expensive Ostmost – be able to demonstrate the testers of the products of metabolism of micro-organisms such as yeasts. A lot of it was so inside that only rotten Apples, or improper processing may have been the cause.

it is Pleasing to note, however, that the spritzers contain no pollutants and are at least 50 percent juice. No product is also sugar, wherein the spritzers bring in themselves, by nature, a lot of sugar.

Stiftung Warentest advises non-alcoholic Apple spritzers prefer to mix yourself. After all, the finished spritzers contain quite a lot of sugar. In an average of 28 grams per half a Liter.

all The Test you can find, for a fee, www.test.de

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