Juice, nectar or concentrate – where are the differences and which is better?


in the past everything was simple: fruits such as Apples or oranges have been picked from the tree, pressed into the glass filled. Nowadays, there are much more variants to extract the juice from fruits. To make juice in the cardboard carton, a longer shelf life in various techniques. On the shelf of the super markets are not only juice but also the juice from nectar or from concentrate is. What’s up with that?

Fresh juices you get more and more often in cafes or in special juice bars. So the juice is allowed to hot but only when he is pressed fresh from the fruit, and without additives will be served.

fruit juice referred to in General juices that are pure juice. The addition of sugar is not allowed according to EU-regulation. Not as a correction of the sugar, the acidity of the juice to compensate.

Stiftung Warentest

juice from spoiled Apples – why is Apple juice everything other than delicious

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

juice is the juice that is directly squeezed from the fruit. So he lasts longer, it is heated, so pasteurized. Valuable vitamins are lost already. The juice is not filtered, to obtain a cloudy juice.

But what is fruit juice from concentrate ? For it is in the country in which the fruits of more than half of the fruit will be deprived of grown own water. The concentrate obtained from the fruit is frozen. This has two advantages: The concentrate is very durable and can be transported because of the reduced volume, it is much cheaper. Here it comes to cost savings. Later, the concentrate back to juice by adding so much water is given to him before was withdrawn. And not only that: the aromatic substances are re-allocated, if possible, in the same amount as before. Juices from concentrate and juice are rated as equivalent.

The fruit nectar it looks a bit different: the nectar is only 25 to 50 percent fruit juice. The Rest is filled with sugar and water. How much fruit is included in the nectar, usually on the packaging. Of nutrition experts nectar is not recommended, the Sugar content is just too high. The same is true for the drink fruit . Here are just six percent juice are included. The Rest is water and sugar.

juice is not healthier than concentrate

the General rule is: The difference between juice and concentrate is relatively low. As soon as the term “fruit juice” on the label, must be 100 percent fruit in there. Preservatives and dyes may not be added. Added vitamins must be marked. Organic juices don’t allow these additives at all.

is not directly juice according to experts ‘ estimates necessarily healthier than concentrate. Also, the auditors of the “Ökotest” come to this judgment. Different healthy but are cloudy and clear Apple juice. Because in the clarification healthy ingredients are lost. Nothing, however, about the fresh fruit. Apple juice, for example, has only about ten percent of the healthy ingredients compared to a fresh Apple.

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