Kebap with attitude: this Is the reinvention of the Döners?


In the last few years, I’ve avoided it, to eat Doner kebab meat. A vegetarian version with Halloumi or feta cheese in it, but to kebab with veal or chicken meat, I made a big bow. Reason for this was that the kebab was always more to the industrial product. Until now: When I ran a few days ago through Berlin-Mitte, I stayed at a show-window hanging, it piqued my interest. At the door the letters “K. W. A. were” and on the facade of the Institute for Contemporary kebabs “stand”. I whipped out my Smartphone and googled: “Kebap With Attitude” behind it. So a kebab with attitude? You can refer to the quality of the meat?

Unsavory ingredients

don’t want to know Why you, what’s in your Doner kebab in

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

The Doner Kebab has conquered in the 70s the whole of Germany. At that time, the grilled meat was served in pita bread with onions. From Berlin, the Doner career: 2011 rotated already made more than 16,000 meat skewers behind the window panes, billion to be implemented with the Fast Food. The Problem: The last few years has suffered, the quality solid.

most of The kebab shops to buy your skewer deep-frozen from a wholesaler. What is in it, know the seller rarely. The “SWR has revealed” in the previous year. Often, not only meat, but other ingredients such as flavor enhancers, emulsifiers, artificial phosphates rotates on the spit levels. You can read more about this here.

The Doner is acceptable

Three born in Berlin want to make it different. Deniz Buchholz, Jannis Nowinski and Daniel Herbert have worked in the last ten years in the international system gastronomy as a cook, in the operational direction, in the international Franchise. Now it was time for their own thing. So you have a shot at Doner anyway. “We want to make the Doner kebab salon”, says Deniz Buchholz, who has Turkish roots, in conversation with the star. The “Kebap with Attitude” to Berlin, to reflect: “We are not a Turkish Restaurant, we are not a German Restaurant, we are a colorful, multi-cultural Berlin Restaurant,” says Buchholz.

fast food classics

Six Tricks, what is a good Doner detect

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

the top priority of The operator the quality is, because “you can taste the difference”. You do not want a mass product, and no überwürztes meat. On the Skewer rotates, therefore, only beef is only seasoned with salt, and chicken meat. The flesh refer to the Berlin farmers from Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Saxony-Anhalt. And it must meet the following criteria: free-range, animal welfare, free of antibiotics and additives in animal feed. This also explains the price.

A Döner Kebap costs in Berlin average around four euros. In the case of “Kebap with Attitude” (in short: K. W. A.) put EUR 7.50 on the counter. Not a bargain for probably the most popular Fast Food dish in the city. The operator can communicate the origin of their ingredients transparently and stick your skewer yourself.

Kebap with Attitude: Looks like the reinvention of the Döners? Fullscreen

The reinterpretation of the Döners: everything comes on a tray

©Augusta Leigh Doner Kebap: Taste is not always the same?

And it pays off in terms of taste: the beef is juicy, almost greasy, but impresses with his own taste. Every Morning, layered the meat rag to the well-known kebab on a spit. Traditionally, the skewer was inserted, and not as a finished product.

here, Too, there’s the sauces, “herb”, “garlic” or “spicy” to the meat. But not as a Convenience product made up of a large, white plastic containers, the many Doner Kebaps makes the taste uniform. In the case of “K. W. A.”, you can choose between six different house-made sauces: herb Sauce with mint, a kind of Tzaziki, Aci ezme (a Turkish spicy Sauce), Mole (a spicy chocolate sauce), a classic tomato sauce and a Mango Sauce. The only fly in the ointment: the flatbreads are not self-made. The Takeaway from a Turkish bakery.

New to the Kebap was invented in the 70s in Berlin. Originally, the court was offered a classic as in Turkey, as a single dish. This was not the case of the Germans. A snack bar operator, had the idea to serve the meat in the bread. Finally, the rust was bratwurst or fish rissole in a bun is also popular. The myth says that this was the birth of the Berlin kebabs (in the bread).

to understand Back to the roots of the Doner Kebaps

Declaration of love

This Boy has: “with no kebab, no love”

The three Berlin go back, in a sense, a step to the roots of the Doner Kebaps. It is not only in the Turkish flat bread, or as a Dürum (rolled in dough), but again as a single dish. Hip on a Tray, i.e. a tray that is served with grilled vegetables, Hummus, and salads attached. Here, you get a different kebab variations: an Original kebab from Turkey with tomatoes and green peppers, or the classic “Berlin Döner” with red Cabbage and salad. A chicken version with Feta, or Mango, or the vegetarian Halloumi kebab. Each Variation can be ordered as a vegetarian Option with Falafel.

The “Berliner Zeitung” was the headline recently that the reinvention of the Döners had failed. It is not about reinvention, but about the development of the Döners, and a good story. And this has been achieved. The founders understand their Store is not only a Restaurant, but as a “research institution for contemporary Kebap”. The promise: All the dishes are constantly evolving and new influences.

not convinced still, you should definitely order the soft ice cream made of Ayran. This is a Turkish drink based on yoghurt, water and salt. Even the Dessert comes with a story. But that is of secondary importance. Taste the ice-cream is a Highlight: creamy, sweet and salty.

*During the renovation phase on the facade of the restaurant “Institute for Contemporary kebabs” as a nod to the adjacent galleries of the district, and the neighboring Institute for Contemporary Art, short KW. The founders of the Slogan, like so much that you want to keep him.

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