Lamb: The favorite roast for Easter


The flesh of the lamb, belongs to the Finest we can to fry us. How nice that this can be achieved easier today than in the past. Long-namely, lamb meat is easy to find, a) the offer of the very good frozen product from new Zealand, and b) on the Turkish grocery stores, even in smaller cities, frequently fresh meat. Most of the lamb comes from Germany.

For meat on the bone (loin, lamb, salmon), to be compared to 150 g per Person . For meat on the bone it is expected 200 g per Person . All the meat is initially at ambient temperature allow to take about 2 hours.

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manage salts step 1: The meat easily. Not pepper.

© cooking times and temperatures

leg of lamb weighing, oiling and seasoning. Oven to 210 degrees preheat. Meat for 20 Min. in the hot oven , then the heat to 160 degrees per 500g 10-15 Min . cooking (a 2-pound cone, therefore, needs 60-80 minutes, it should be pink). Meat repeatedly with gravy beschöpfen, turning once. Before Slicing with aluminum foil 15 Min. rest , so that the meat relaxes and Slicing less juice is lost. the lamb shoulder at 230 degrees in the oven, according to 30 Min. the heat to 160 degrees to reduce , and the shoulder up to 2 hours of cooking . You can tolerate up to 70 degrees core temperature (meat thermometer!) and a good way to keep warm.

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Roasted carrots

4 servings, time: 10 Min., Baking/Cooking Time: 25 Min., Level of difficulty: simple

ingredients cloves:

800g organic carrots, 2 TSP coriander, 2 TSP Szechuan pepper, 2 TSP Curry, ½ TSP chilli, ½ TSP sea salt, 2 cloves of garlic, 40 ml of olive oil


1. The carrots and wash well. Then, with the shell in half lengthwise.

2. Now, garlic, coriander and Szechuan pepper in the mortar and mix with the other spices to the carrots. Pour the olive oil over and mix well.

3. Then the carrots in a refractory Form, and at 230°C for 25 minutes in the oven roasting. biokoch


sheep and mutton shoulders tolerated, after the first 30 Min . in the hot oven for up to 4 hours at 140 degree . After the first hot Phase of the roast set with 150 ml of wine knows solve. The 1 kg of triplets and carrots velvet 1/2 l Lamb stock , the thing with tin foil loosely covering. The potatoes (only these) at the end in the 230 degree hot oven for Browning.

saddle of Lamb season, the > around in the pan tan 150 degrees in the oven cook until the core temperature of 50-55 degrees . While the meat is in the oven, in the pan with the Sauce, pull out of reduced red wine, Lamb stock and (frying pan from the stove!) cold Butter.

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