Lidl brings the hyped Beyond Meat Burger to the range on him, the Hollywood Stars swear by


it has already announced for years: The large corporations of the food industry are under pressure. Blame the Millennials are. Above all, they are large corporations, a thorn in the eye, because you want transparency. And for food of good quality care, in the best case from the Region.

The knowledge even discounters such as Lidl or Aldi. So far, handed it to the Billgheimern, however, to vacate its own Bio-products (with the right tabs pads) in the shelves. Since the previous year, Lidl is cooperating with the largest organic Association in Germany. Now the discount giant is a step further in terms of sustainability and Innovation: From now on, there is the “Beyond Meat Burger” of the eponymous US-based company in the range.

The American company “Beyond Meat” is written on the Flag to produce the best meat substitute products on the market, exclusively plant-based. Nevertheless, Chili, chicken set and the peas are supposed to taste-Hack as their fleshy counterparts. And the meat substitute is excellent, reports several media to conform. Microsoft founder Bill Gates investing in “Beyond Meat”, should not be in the position to have been the vegan chicken the company to distinguish from real meat. The culmination of the “Beyond Burger is for sure”.

Sustainable consumption of meat

Why we pig’s feet and Kuhmägen should eat

By Denise Snieguole Wachter Bloody Burger, but vegan

The meatball not only authentic to the flame sizzle, but bleeds when you Bite off too much like the tasty Original. Only, without that a cow had to die for it. The bleeding, however, was not the intention, explains the company on their Homepage. The effect was just a by-product of the used Beetroot, which should give the impression of a Medium-grilled Burger Patties. In 2018, the young Start-up made the first $ 30 million loss. But Hollywood greats like Leonardo DiCaprio and Rapper Snoop Dogg are already Fans. And the Trend toward meat substitutes so only just. In Germany, too: According to the vegetarian Association, 1.3 million people eat a purely plant-based.

the Burger Pattie is Made from pea protein, which is reminiscent of the Texture of the muscle fibers of meat. By a special kind of manufacture, in which the ingredients are cooked under steam and in the typical Pattie-Form, the result will be a perfect meat-to-copy.

The meat-free Burger from “Beyond Meat” is not the only provider. Also, the German companies “Like Meat” offers, most recently, a Burger-meat Alternative. Lidl drives but for now with the US company. From the end of may it should be to buy in all 3200 branches in the group are the vegetable patties. Just as “action” and only “while supplies last.”

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