Mashed potatoes out of the bag? Better not


peel the potatoes, boil, mash with milk, Butter and spices to the mix. Clearly, those who are in a hurry, is seldom this effort and reaches faster to the product from the bag. This is a powder that is mixed with the liquid in the pot and heated. But what is actually in it?

For the mashed potatoes out of a bag of peeled potatoes are cut into slices, briefly pre-cooked and then cooled. This is to prevent the starch gelatinized. After the potatoes are cooked soft and crushed. On a kind of roller dries the pulp, and flakes crumbled. Anyone who takes a look at the expiration date, will be surprised. Often the products are many months. It would hold only potato flakes, these would be spoiled after a short time.

how to properly

How do you set the best mashed potatoes of your life to prepare

By Denise Snieguole Wachter mashed potatoes: the industry

But the industry trickster knows a Trick: to ensure the durability of the mashed potato additives such as emulsifiers and anti-oxidant.

emulsifiers (Mono – and diglycerides of fatty acids, E 471) and stabilizers (phosphates, E 450, E 340) bind to starch and to improve consistency. Anti-oxidant such as ascorbic acid (Vitamin C, E 300), sulfites (E 223) or citric acid (E 330) does not prevent oxidative changes during drying, the pulp is brown, and is intended to improve the durability.

taking a closer look at the ingredients of the popular ready-to-purees as of Pfanni, Good&Cheap, or Maggi, it quickly becomes clear that the “fine milk and butter note” here there is not a trace. They are made with skimmed milk powder and instead of real Butter vegetable fat is used. In order to save the cost of goods.

additives saturated

The Stiftung Warentest ruled over mashed Potatoes from the package: “Regardless of its other quality of a conventional finished puree additives satiated. Allergy sufferers should take this into account, even if the materials are approved.” Usually the mashed potatoes are also a cheap price of only a few cents per Serving. Here are the last Optimist should not expect too great quality.

Our tip: Take the time, and you stomp in here mashed potatoes even. As one of the best to succeed, read here.

+++ you have to stomp mashed potatoes, in fact, always by Hand, or you can also use an electric device to preparation? If you may, for example, use the Mixer, you can find here. +++

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