Meat-free Beyond burgers in Lidl: Since today on the market and already sold out


In the United States is the Beyond-Meat burgers already known and popular – especially with the Stars. In Germany, however, it was possible to buy him, previously only wholesale. That should change now. As of today, the meatless Burger is also the discounters Lidl available. Almost five euros, the cost of meat alternative that is completely based on herbal ingredients and a light smoke aroma. You should, more than ever, taste like meat. Meat consists of plants? That’s exactly why the Hype that drives people in the super markets turns.

after a few hours in the case of Lidl

sold out Since 8 o’clock this Wednesday morning, there is the Beyond-Burger at Lidl, but after a few hours it is sold out in almost every branch completely. The Lidl confirmed to the “daily mirror” and explained that you already work with high pressure because the Burger was as quickly as possible in the stores.

Meat biscuit

Lidl brings the hyped “Beyond Meat Burger” to the range – to him the Stars of Hollywood

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

But the road in the Lidls shelves and the consent, on the the meat-free Burger, it seems, also applies in Germany, swearing is for the manufacturers only secondary. For the company, Meat Beyond, went the beginning of may in the USA on the stock exchange and can now list one of the biggest successes for years, the “world”. The share price of the Californian company has triple in a month in their value tripled.

For all that like to eat meat

But where does this success come from? Reason for the immense growth potential of the plant-based “meat” are moral reservations of the consumers. Mass animal husbandry, unhealthy nutrition and climate change were the people, so the “world”. Because of the Beyond-Burger, in comparison to conventional burgers 90 per cent less greenhouse emissions and a considerably lower water and energy consumption promises, as called.

the focus of the campaigns of Beyond Meat, the Vegans and vegetarians are not necessarily. Much more, there are those who like to eat meat, but health concerns and, increasingly, a bad Conscience. The experts of the analyst company A. T. Kearney confirm: In your Report you suggest that the share of meat increases, alternatives to the year 2030 in the world to almost 30 per cent of the total meat market. In 2040, he could be already at 60 percent. The plant-based production has a huge Potential. An age in which people are meat-free feed would be nothing much in the way.

source : “world” / “daily mirror” / “Report by A. T. Kearney”


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