Millions of bird murder – the dark secret of olive oil


the shock in the food shelf, of all things, olive oil, has been exposed as the biggest bird killer. Blame the industrialized agriculture. In traditional cultivation, the olives are shaken during the day, by the hand of man from the trees. The expensive harvesters to save, to be used in Italy, Spain and France, more and more harvesters. Also for the landscape that is a fatal development. From a classic olive grove in which the trees are scattered next to each other, will be planted in a plant-barracks, in the the olives in the Rank and file is attached.

birds paralyzed

But much worse for the birds of the nocturnal use of the machines. Then it is cooler – the low temperature to improve the Aroma of the Oil. But at night, the birds resting in the bushes, looking under the Foliage for protection from predators. You will be sucked in to millions of the Harvesters, the in the journal “Nature” reported.


the bird looks harvest.

©Junta de Andalucia Commons

“is the harvest of The Suction at night kill these legally protected birds in a terrible extent, as you rest in the bushes,” wrote the researchers, Luis da Silva and Vanessa Mata in “Nature”. During the day, the harvesters would not be nearly as dangerous for the birds that would flee when they hear the machines coming. But the bright light of the harvest machine is not confused the birds, they flee in front of the machine, but try to the risk and sit it out, and perish as miserable. Birds such as Robins, gold finches, green finches, warblers and Wagtails are among the most affected species.

In the Welcome black-and-revenue

a Particularly insidious: The Aspiration of the birds is the Harvesters is quite welcome. To generate black income, a large part of these birds is sold to the rural gastronomy, which they offer as a “pajarito frito”. Although this practice is illegal.

In a statement, the administration of Andalusia, the “Junta de Andalucia”, it says: “Both according to the Guardia Civil, as well as the Ministry of the environment, a large part of these birds by the operators of the harvesting machine or the cooperatives is sold to the rural hotel industry for human consumption.”

The investigation of the nature protection authority in Portugal is believed that alone in Andalusia every year, 2.6 million birds during the harvest to be killed, in Portugal it should be about 96,000 birds. For France and Italy no data available.

Simple solution

In this case, the bird would massacre easily avoided, writes the researcher, Vanessa Mata.

No highest grade

The cheating with the olive oil: “Ökotest” can two recommend

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

“These machines are perfect if you are during the day used, since birds are then able to see during the operation and escape.” In Andalusia, the government wants to try to find prior to the harvest in the autumn of a solution, so that the harvesters not to drive at night. One reason might be the enormous damage to their image. Thus, the government of the excitation of the administration follows, even if no law was brought on the way. “The best Option to finish the Problem, is that the super-intensive harvest of the olive groves during the night time hours is prohibited,” reads the Letter of the Junta. “That would also prevent migratory birds are caught by the headlights of the machine.”

consumers can go now, sure that your Oil, no birds were totgesaugt. On the Italian Oil with the designation of “FAO SITE” (Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System) says that these olives were harvested by Hand. In order to support companies that are committed to a traditional approach to nature.

sources: Olive Oil Times, Nature, Junta de Andalucia

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