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the trend drink Golden milk, which gives turmeric suddenly right popularity. If you like turmeric Latte, you can Refine the yellow drink With freshly grated nutmeg, Vanilla extract, cinnamon powder or agave syrup, there are several variations.

Fresh ground, as a Paste or as a tuber – the turmeric, as turmeric in Germany is, but can Refine a lot more than milk. She brings optical brilliance and spicy sophistication into the glass and on the plate.

spice from the Ayurvedic kitchen

“turmeric is a gift of nature,” says Christina Wiedemann. The nutritionist has worked for a cook book intensive with turmeric. Although, since 4000 years, an integral part of Asian dishes, could not claim the tuber in Europe so far, really alone. “She was only hidden as a mostly unknown part of the curry powder,” says Christina Wiedemann.

Clarissa Döttinger of the Munich-based cooking school, “Satyam School Of Ayurveda” confirmed that turmeric belong in every Indian Curry. “It is with its slightly bitter, astringent taste is one of the most important spices in the Ayurvedic kitchen – and really quite wonderful,” she says. “The turmeric comes in every Dhalgericht, because it supports the digestion of proteins.”


the trend drink “Golden milk” – how healthy is the Super-Drink?

Sound effects

The oranges and sharply colored tubers (wear disposable gloves!) look like little Finger and belong to the ginger family (lat. Zingiberaceae). You apply in the Chinese and Indian medicine as a remedy. Immune booster, digestion, turbo, pick-me-up, cold protection, beauty assistant and brain food – Christine Wiedemann comes into raptures in the case of turmeric. The ingredient curcumin is the health-promoting effect is said. Different studies show at least an anti-inflammatory effect.

Ingo Holland, one of the family manufactory “Old Gewürzamt” added that the people’s mouth of turmeric attests to a positive effect on the well-being of the bile and the liver. The cook, however, is generally sceptical when it comes to the medical Benefit of food. “I approach the topic of food rather of the sensual side,” he says. And since it is not needed to hide turmeric.

Aromatic, pungent and slightly bitter

“For one thing, the color is really beautiful. And to the other turmeric works perfectly harmonizing in the Curry. Contained in the Celluloses are good for a creamy Sauce,” he explains. Sometimes the turmeric will also referred to as “Indian saffron”, as the Indian saffron. “But alone at the color – it is not to be confused with fine saffron,” the spice expert.

turmeric is also used to Flavor soups or noodle – like rice dishes. Holland advises necessarily to the prudent use of: “turmeric is aromatic, pungent and slightly bitter. He comes in high doses, it tastes like plaster.” Christina Wiedemann argues for a cautious and conservative ends of the Approach: “the courts get in the case of Overdose, a musty, musk-like smell and not taste really good.” to know

Well-The healing power of ginger, cinnamon and pepper:: What spices and what not is not cinnamon cinnamon Fullscreen


the same. There are both the True cinnamon, or Ceylon cinnamon, as well as the originally from China Cassia cinnamon. This is sweet, aromatic, and cheaper. In Europe and In the USA it is used mainly in the kitchen. Also, most of the studies on the health effects be carried out with Cassia cinnamon: It stimulates the appetite, stimulates the intestinal activity and prevents bloating and flatulence – makes meals so easier to digest. With cinnamon extracts, some fungal diseases and bacteria fighting. A series of laboratory experiments shows that Cassia cinnamon, the blood sugar level can reduce. Both the insulin secretion was higher than the uptake of glucose in the cells. Human studies, however, are somewhat contradictory: Some show that a daily intake of at least a gram over a longer period of time improves the effect of insulin and the burning of fat. Others could not demonstrate this effect. In addition, Cassia cinnamon contains the ingredient coumarin, which can cause damage in weak and susceptible individuals, the liver.

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used A real all-round talent

Aware of it, turmeric is an all-round talent: “It is also suitable for warming soups or Sweet like fruity cakes, and even fine ice cream,” Wiedemann. Your tip for a chocolaty turmeric-happy maker: 800 ml milk, 160 grams of dark chocolate and melt two teaspoons of turmeric paste and a tablespoon of coconut oil and mix well. Season to taste with a pinch of pepper, a quarter teaspoon of ground vanilla, and three to four tablespoons of honey. If you like, suggests 100 grams of cream stiff, and missed the drink is a cherry on the cake that is dusted with ground turmeric.

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