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it is one of the most used rooms and sinks is exactly why often in the Chaos of the kitchen. Although there are all kinds of storage space are the upper and lower cabinets, drawers and shelves jam-Packed. But is it really the fact that you have hoarded in the last few years, more and more food, or it may be that you have distributed crockery and Cutlery, pots and pans, spices and baked goods, without a real System in the kitchen? If you don’t get caught the next Time, as you will find more than five minutes to find something Specific, but you should reconsider your system of order, perhaps, and the kitchen re-organize.

you crap your kitchen

Even if there is not a lot of fun, so Mucking out is necessary and the first step to improvement: clear out all the cabinets and drawers in your kitchen, and you sort out everything that is broken, double or unusable. The things would wind up either in the garbage or donate the old things that are too good to Throw away, but in your kitchen no place to find.

In the second step, you should the kitchen cupboards and drawers clean thoroughly, if these were not cleared as quickly, this opportunity offers you, so take advantage of this! Before you give all the leftover items, then again, it makes sense in various categories, i.e. crockery and Cutlery, pots and pans, cans and spices.

The Same is true for your food: Divide your holdings so that getting the food together, you need more often, you bought a stock and you need to cook. You also have to make sure that food are not as long-lasting, so you end up in the trash. This is not true in the Rest of the for canning, the content is considerably longer consumable as specified.

you have to clear the drawers on

you also Have a kind of “odds and ends”drawer in which they bring all sorts of things, of which you believe to be able to this again at some point to use? Then you have probably lost long ago, the Overview. Here, you can bring more order into the System, in which you use a sort help. So-called drawer Organizer comes in various sizes and different versions, here is an example:

you Keep everything always at the ready

you can Store all the kitchen utensils so that everything you need frequently is within reach. Say the drawers in the Cooker for the Cutlery at the best suited or the spices you need for cooking, even for this there are special inserts. Pots and pans should be placed in the vicinity of the cooking surface, a sharp knife in the vicinity of the work area: you can Use, for example, a space-saving magnetic strip that is attached to the wall.

you can Use the inside of wardrobes to the full

all too often, valuable storage space from the waste bins, gets in many households a place in the cabinets. Apart from the fact that food waste give off moisture and, therefore, faster mould forming, can be used the area very well otherwise. Instead, just use a separate trash can with a lid that you make in the kitchen.

Has your kitchen a corner Cabinet? Then you store there is certainly a lot of budget devices that don’t use them so often because they are difficult to reach. You can use put in a special corner Cabinet hardware, which offers a space on multiple levels, and on the other can be rotated, so you can easily get to everything rotary. The cheaper Alternative would be a Cabinet Rondell.

sort your food Fullscreen

Everything you need in the kitchen regularly should be within reach to be

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Regardless of whether you have a pantry or a drawer or a Cabinet in which you store your food: create here, you can Also order by giving the stocks systematically. All of the products that are most commonly used to get the best place. In order to gain a better Overview of stock glasses recommended way to label (salt and sugar do not confuse ideal) – for example with a label printer.

you can Create more storage space

In small kitchens, it is particularly difficult to create storage space. The most believe, anyway. The fact is that there are many little Tricks that will help you land more storage – no matter how large the room is. You can use cupboards, the doors of the kitchen, on the inner side of the smaller items to hang. Also there are special Devices, such as adjustable curtain rods (plus kitchen hook), a Türregal or even a closet to use (for example cups).

clean up the fridge correctly, a

Also in the fridge, you could create order, because what many do not know is this: Every device has different climate zones, that is to say, the temperature varies between the individual subjects. Set the refrigerator to the recommended average temperature of seven degrees, prevail in the vegetable tray (at the bottom) to the twelve degrees, in the top drawer, however, almost four degrees, and has a good reason to make food a longer shelf life. However, it like eggs, milk, and vegetables of different cold, certain foods have even lost anything in the fridge. Therefore, you have to Give the best as follows.

tells As the Name implies, is suitable for the vegetable compartment at the bottom of the fridge for sensitive foods such as salad, fruit and vegetables at the best – the temperature here is between ten and 13 degrees.In the lowest compartment of all food should be stored, which are particularly quickly perishable, such as fresh fish and meat, but also sausages and cheese, the temperature here is between four and five degrees.In the middle compartment all the dairy products you feel very well, so Quark and yoghurt dishes, cream and milk, but also fresh eggs – the temperature is ideally between six and seven degrees.The top shelf is the warmest because warm air rises to the top. Here you are going to store already prepared meals or even sauces and jams – the temperature here is between seven and ten degrees.

tip: you can Check the temperature with a special Thermometer for the fridge.

In the refrigerator door there are also different climate zones. Here the food is the best of the following:

beverage come down all the way to the dairy, for you it is too hot mustard, Ketchup und Mayonnaise or Dressings to come to the middle compartment of butter and Margarine, so foods that keep for a long time, come to the upper tray

And a final note: tomatoes, lemons, garlic, onions, Avocados and bananas do not belong in the refrigerator, this food should be stored at room temperature, as you can’t develop in cold temperatures, their full Aroma.

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