My daughter is a meatballs-and-sausage-vegetarian: What to cook for children?


What can we learn from top chefs for your home? This question runs through 208 pages and in Stefanie Hiekmanns book, “in Demand: 30 top chefs reveal their kitchen secrets”. Of course, the Interviews with the well-known kitchen masters, no substitute for cooking-training – deliver practical and comprehensive professional knowledge for hobby cooks at home. 30 well known chefs from the best Restaurants of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, spill the beans and reveal the best tips to your personal favorite dishes and Signature Dishes.


More secrets of the top chefs in “Demand”. The author Stefanie Hiekmann is to be seen also in the Jury of the ZDF cooking show “city, country, Yummy” (on Saturdays at 15.15 PM). The book appeared in the EMF-Verlag. 208 pages. 26 Euro.

What are you cooking for your kids, Heiko Nieder?

no, of course, a Two-star chef in the kitchen, not lighter than other parents. One could ask the question differently: How do you cook for the most difficult guests in the world? (laughs) no, Seriously: It really is not easy, and most importantly: Everything changes constantly! I was quite proud of and thought I to raise me the Gourmet of the Millennium. At the beginning you have eaten everything, and then it was eventually complicated – and it remained complicated…

Tricks from the professional kitchen

Alexander Herrmann reveals his secret: the perfect meatball

The Small one is four, the Big one is seven. The Large has just eaten it all: caviar, oysters, I also made time pasta with white truffles. I wanted to ruin so the guys later need to give the right Gas to conquer your heart. In the meantime, I would say, it is a meatballs-and-sausage-vegetarian. That means: Actually, she eats no meat, and actually she eats no fish. Sausages and meatballs to eat you, of course, and Sushi.

The meat Patty in the Burger is not a Patty, not meat, so a Burger to go. It is quite logical. But if there is a food which could eat both of the children 24 hours a day, then it’s Fried Rice you love. And as you also know by now the differences. Then, when we are on the road, it can also be, that you can evaluate unsolicited seasoned cooks…

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