Nazan Eckes presents the Jury



Nazan Eckes is since 2005, the face of the RTL-Show “Explosiv Weekend”

©RTL / Jens van Zoest / T&T

For Nazan Eckes (42) “finally, a small dream come true”: she returns to “Let’s Dance”! Together with Hape Kerkeling, she presented the dance Show in the years 2006 and 2007, in the year 2010 for a third Time to the side of Daniel Hartwich. But this time everything will be different. “After all these years, I must in the case of ‘Let’s Dance’ dance”, which came from Cologne, this year’s participation on Monday via Instagram.

the 42-Year-old, it will be the first Time that you will face in the course of their career as a contestant of a TV-Jury. “For me, this is doubly exciting,” she says in the short Clip. Although you have quite a bit of jitter before all the workouts, she is looking forward but, nevertheless, already “mad” on the “sporting challenge”. Most something else entirely let your heart skip a beat: “the incredibly hot dresses – hi, I’m a woman”.

Two other candidates-proof

competitors are already Eckes has already. Besides her, the station announced Monday, two more candidates for the twelfth season of “Let’s Dance”. Accordingly, singer Ella, Finally, (34, “kiss me, hold me, love me”) and fashion designer Barbara Becker (52) Friday, may 15. March, on the dance floor whirling.


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