Never again cheese leftovers in a sandwich toaster – this Trick is worth Gold


A sandwich is probably one of the best inventions under the kitchen equipment: Between two hot iron plates you put Toast, ham and cheese, and in just a few minutes you have a finished Sandwich. The perfect Snack for in Between. If not, the cheese in all of the slots in the sandwich toaster would run …

Who is to lazy to clean the device until the next day. Then it may happen that you scrub and scratch, the layer of the Toaster solves. That would be less good. Finally, you want to prepare more toast. Thus, the best is still clean, if the device is not yet cooled down completely. Then there is the danger that you burn. So what can you do?

never again, There is a great Trick, how to avoid that the cheese remains hang anywhere. A Twitter user had posted this recently in the social network. You didn’t invent it, but met in the Twitter Community a nerve. Nearly 3,000 people were a Like, he was retweeted 500 Times. The Trick is so simple, how to Prepare the Sandwiches.

for those Who want to make life easy for you and the Sandwich alone enjoy, you should take advantage of this life hack to your heart: just Put baking paper in the sandwich toaster and toast it until your sandwiches.

So simple, so efficient. This view is also shared by the Twitter user that posted the Trick. You will find, “whoever invented this life hack, for any Nobel prize”.

Who has wich no sand toaster at home, the sample should be these pizza rolls. For this you just need a Baguette, ham, cheese, pickles and oven. Taste delicious and help against the hangover after a night of partying. Click here for the recipe.

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