Never again little tip: the eight things you only understand if you have already waited time


One thing is for sure: if you once worked in the catering industry, you will never be afraid again, to give a decent tip. There are certain things that can only be learned from behind the counter and you can understand only when one has entered several nights in a row flat feet, in order to serve a Horde of drink-crazed guests. A school for life and an experience that is only available in the Gastro.

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be careful, fat cells! In this country drinking is give money to an insult

All of the others who don’t work in Food Service, should the following points, nevertheless, exactly to read, to understand, apply, what a hard Job it is to serve your food and Drink. Maybe the tip is then upon the next visit to a restaurant more generous.

1. The colleagues are the best of friends

It is probably because you have to work in the catering Team. But nowhere else, one allied counter so fast with his colleagues, such as behind the. You become friends, some even family.

2. Comfort beats fashion

Stylish shoes, maybe even heels? You forget The first day in Service will be a lesson to you to never wear that again uncomfortable shoes. Beware of lying around fries! The are extremely slippery.

3. A different angle on waiter

Would everyone would once more flow in your life for 16 hours, the waiters, the tip is the only way. There is probably no better way to understand the profession of the service, to stand as a self-even behind the counter and guests use.

No-Gos in the kitchen

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By Denise Snieguole Wachter 4 make. You will be to the head computer

of Course, every Restaurant or Eatery to a calculator. The head count but it’s faster; it will keep you mentally fit.

5. One learns regulars better

know anyone Who feels in a place, probably, will visit it more often. The waiter can speed this up even he remembers what the guest of her favorite drink, or eat.

6. Be engaged, is the foreign exchange

Some workers will appreciate a quiet day at work. In the case of waiters and service personnel this is exactly the reverse. The Shop is buzzing, flies seam the time, and the celebration evening.

7. Your memory improves

A seven-member family on a order and you may wish to memorize everything, including the extra? From this Moment, you know what your memory is really capable of.

8. School for life

mental arithmetic and memory training are the only two abilities that improve rapidly, if you waiters. But so much more: Teamwork, Management and the Solving of problems will be transferred into the blood. They also build their communicative skills. Anyone who has worked in the gastronomy, is prepared for any other Job.

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