New study: you can safely drink 25 cups of coffee of the day


so Far, the Faust was the rule: A dose of around 400 milligrams of coffee a day for a healthy adult is safe. This corresponds to approximately three to four cups of filter coffee. The European food safety authority recommends not to exceed a single dose of caffeine of 200 milligrams. Those who consumed more, risking side effects: restlessness, nervousness, insomnia, Nausea, and even heart palpitations this includes. The black hot drink should be in addition harmful to the heart and circulatory system.

the Latter have a scientist of the “British Heart Foundation” (BHF) is now resistance. They say up to 25 cups per day are completely harmless for the heart. In previous studies, it was assumed that coffee is the arteries calcify, pressure on the heart to exercise and the risk increases to get a heart attack. It was therefore advised to reduce the coffee consumption.

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Boring: filter coffee machine

“Time for a Cup of coffee to” cook, so something was there before the invention of the filter coffee machine, actually. As in the late fifties to the machine, then the vacuum-Packed ground coffee came in the super markets could not be stopped, the automation of the coffee cooking. The filter coffee machine mimics the surge of ways to Brew the Kaffeemehls with the Hand. The water enters a water heater and is heated to 92 to 94 degrees Celsius. By the pressure of the vapor bubbles, the hot water shoots in a riser pipe that ends above the filter bag. Therefore, the Bubbling and hissing at the Scalding.

the duration of The brewing process for some of the machines regulate. Each manufacturer maintains its own imaginative name: aroma switch, Hot brewing system, Flavoring System and some more. As well as hot, you can regulate the contact time between water and coffee flour. A so-called aroma switch with the settings “Weak”, “Strong” and “Strong” regulates the flow time of the water. The longer the water is able to dissolve the aromatic substances from the coffee powder out, the stronger the coffee is. The coffee flows in a bottom-heated glass jug, is ruined, the delicate Aroma after no more than ten minutes. The coffee is bitter. Systems with thermal pots keep the coffee without the need for additional energy to warm, but also the Aroma very much longer.


in Most cases, mild coffee with a fine acidity.

suitable For:

All, the need to have multiple cups at one time and want to prepare without a large expenditure of time. Especially for the cleaning of the machine.

What is coffee

100% Arabica suitable varieties. The filter paper and the filter angle are matched to this fine coffee places.

©M_a_y_a 25 cups of coffee a day? No Problem

The new study with over 8000 volunteers for the first time is clear: It makes no difference whether one takes a Cup of coffee or equal to 25 over the course of the day to yourself. For the study of the “Queen Mary University” in London, the participants of the experts were divided into three groups. The first one drank less than a Cup of coffee of the day, the second between one and three cups and the third group consumed more than five cups a day. Some in the third group even took 25 cups of coffee a day, the average was around five.

The scientists around Dr. Kenneth Fung from Queen Mary University found out that it made no difference for the hardening of the arteries, how much coffee you consume. All participants had to undergo heart Scans. In the results of age, weight, and nicotine consumption were also. “Although we can demonstrate in this study, no causal link, not our studies show that coffee is so bad for the arteries, as previous studies suggested,” Fung said told the Guardian.

Prof. Metin Avkiran, Deputy Medical Director at the BHF, told the “Guardian”, the study made clear “the potential adverse effects of coffee on our arteries.” Who drinks so much coffee, must make at least his arteries, no Worries.

source: “Guardian”, “BHF”


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