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A chef I don’t know God. Most of the time I spend with the Track to dry-authored studies, visits to research labs, reading, research and writing. Not so in the last seven, eight months. I have never spent so much time in the kitchen!

I have discovered a new world. My fingers had animals learn, and Cardamom pods to break open and kneading a sourdough, fish and file. I rasped – spurred and inspired by my co-author, recipe developer, Michaela Baur – snipped,, mashed, mixed, fried, poached. And cost, of course, over and over again.

“Dear Bas Kast, where are the recipes?”

A theoretical Background of this excursion into the Sensual, however, but it was My goal, along with Michaela, the findings of the collected aging and nutrition research in 111 specific dishes (so easy to cook that even I can do that; a few samples you will find on the following pages). How about a dish that not only tastes good, but also, due to its Nutrient composition, our body can slow down aging, and perhaps even rejuvenated? The question was the output.

as for me, I have displaced my own aging process successfully for a long time. But a few years ago, I was at the beginning of 40, and shortly before that father, I felt when Jogging a massive Stab in the chest and collapsed. It was one of those moments where you know deep down inside that something is very wrong.

it was clear to Me something had to change. Since I had been fed up to then mainly of Junk food – example: chocolate for Breakfast, no lunch, in the evening, a lot of Chips that I washed down with a beer down, it was obvious to try a change in Diet. Which I did, but without big expectations or hopes. But what happened next has changed my life, up to the present day: I felt amazing better quick, and also the heart resolved complaints.



beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids are primarily found in fatty fish such as salmon, herring, mackerel, and trout. You dampen, among other things, inflammatory processes that stimulate the aging process. Fish provides Vitamin D, as well as the trace elements Iodine and selenium. Caution: Fried fish is not a good choice.


I had experienced on the own body, the Power of the diet. However, as a rather skeptical person I wanted to go to the bottom of it: Was it for what I know, a reasonable explanation? What the science says? What are the ingredients of an optimally healthy diet, one that slows down the aging process, and in this way, even before the age ailments such as cardiovascular disease or Diabetes protects? A good two years, I tossed and studies, and wrote down what I had learned. The response to the “nutritional compass” was very large, but many readers asked me the following: Dear Mr. Kast, where are the recipes? The nutritional compass, I had written: The first step to a healthy diet is to get rid of the highly processed food industry. In all regions of the world where people reach a very high age to fit the syntax (so-called “blue zones”), and you eat real food. This means that the people cooking there. Only: What exactly cooking is the best, in order to influence this mystery called aging?

to do This, you must first understand the aging process – what drives him, what stops him. Everything that had to do with Anti-Aging, quackery is suspected. In the past few years, but have taken to anywhere in the world top researcher in the aging process in earnest. One of their discoveries: aging, this unstoppable, seemingly, relentlessly progressive process, is highly suggestible. The heritability of human life span is according to latest estimates, not even ten percent. The pace of the clock is to a considerable extent in our own hands, literally: after all, decides so much about the speed of our aging such as what we eat.

The nutritional compass

It must not always be potatoes: Zucchini fritters with Tzatziki

age of suffering

to take the aging process in more detail, I visited the Max-Planck-Institute for biology of ageing in Cologne and me with the researchers, Sebastian Grönke, 44, agreed. In a laboratory room on the second floor of the Hyper-modern building, in the interior almost only glass and concrete, calls on Grönke me to look through a microscope. Two Fruit Flies. “You see the difference?”, ask Grönke. He enlarged the image, and because you can see it clearly: a Fly is smaller than the other.

Both flies are the same age, told Grönke. Nevertheless, the large will soon become sluggish and frail and die. The small colleague – a mutant – however, at this time still in great shape. With a little luck, your life expectancy is likely to be 30 to 40 percent higher than that of their great Companion. To us humans, this would correspond to an age of 100, 105, 110 years.

that sounds promising, only: What is mutant, the Flies have to do with nutrition? Any amount, as it turns out: The fruit fly has been genetically modified in such a way that a biochemical data stream, the Insulin-signaling pathway (the us people) was disturbed of your cells part. The biochemical cascade that is triggered by the hormone Insulin, no longer runs through the Gen-engaged at full speed.



dozens of studies demonstrate the healing power of garlic. It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels. If increased, diseases are the risk factors for cardiovascular. In addition, he is one of the few foods that can demonstrably protect against a cold.


Which brings us already in the diet, because the hormone Insulin plays for the processing of food has a critical role: as soon As we eat something, Insulin is secreted, which leads to, among other things, that the sugar molecules of food are absorbed by our cells and provide energy. At the same time, however, much more happens. Insulin enables our body cells in a growth mode. There’s obviously enough nutrients are present, our cells are thicker and reproduce. Growth is, however, as the researchers Grönke explains, at a fundamental level, synonymous with aging – which is why the small Fly is ageing less quickly läneng of age suffer stays and overall longer lives.

the growth and aging are so closely interrelated, and there is also an explanation: In a growth mode, more and more of the molecular waste, and the cells of the body, which impairs your functions, you can even destroy, as it seems to be, for example, in Alzheimer’s dementia the case collects. Much like in a factory, continuously working and built, and, inevitably, a lot of waste is produced. At some point, the factory floor is such a mess that you can work on it. The hall is completely blocked. This blockage, however, is nothing else than a Form of what we call “aging”.

The nutritional compass

Who eats healthy, may also eat noodles

“calorie restriction”

Vice-versa: as soon As food shortage, as soon as the Fly or the man eats a few more hours, the cells in the body from growth into maintenance mode: The cells begin the waste – coagulated protein structures of defective cell of the body and much more – frequent clean up. Only in the day of trouble the cells discover the benefits of Recycling and make use of the “scrap” as an energy resource, while you clean virtually the same even from the inside and thus “rejuvenate”. This salutary self-cleaning program is referred to as “Autophagy” (self-consumption).

we have To live so constantly in maintenance mode, puny, and thin remain and as little as possible to eat to be healthy 100 years old? In fact, aging researchers have made in the past, again and again the following observation: no Matter what organism, be it yeast cells, flies, mice, Labradors, even a monkey – once an animal gets less to eat (“calorie restriction” or some form of fasting), it lives healthier, is much less affected by age, suffering, and lives are almost always longer.

It gets even better: New discoveries indicate that such a draconian starvation diets are not the only, or even the ultimate path to a healthy, long life. The life-prolonging effect of Less-eating and fasting, not least due to the fact that in certain nutrients down. To be clear, There are certain foods that enable our bodies in growth mode – they crank up the aging process. Other foods, however, have the paradoxical ability to activate the maintenance mode, and not to miss our body as a kind of makeover. What foods are these?


Bas Kast, 46, studied biology and psychology in Konstanz, Bochum, and at the mit in Boston, USA. The author and science journalist, among other things, for the Berlin “Tagesspiegel” – published books on brain research and psychology. With his wife and two children Kast lives in the vicinity of Würzburg.

©C. Bertelsmann

The search for culinary Altmachern and the fountain of youth led me in January through metre-high snow at the University of Graz, where Frank Madeo researches. “My Breakfast consists of freshly ground, freshly brewed coffee,” says Madeo, 51, “I drink almost a litre a day.” Frank Madeo is one of the world’s leading specialists in the field of Autophagy. He examined the engine, such as what nutrients are rich in those blessings of “fast processes” in the body, to clean our cells and rejuvenate. Together with Madeo, I Encourage classified for the star food that you can buy in any supermarket, and then how they affect the aging process or inhibit the formation of age suffer? You can find this list on page 34.

coffee about heard Madeo was able to demonstrate to the rejuvenative foods: The beans contain hundreds of plant compounds that support the self-cleaning program in our cells. Because these substances are volatile and are in contact with oxygen quickly spoil, you should grind the beans fresh. Even five, six and even more cups a day are associated with a longer life, as the result of a number of large studies.

The nutritional compass

blueberry sorbet, mix each child


In some of Madeos laboratory rooms, it smells like in a bakery, where you knead the dough yourself (the smell is familiar, now that I have learned in dozens of Try and also bake the bread, which makes a lot of fun). In a room nine “incubation shakers”, the devices look like Ovens. Madeo open, and many of the Erlenmeyer flask to come to the fore, filled with a milky liquid – yeast cells. With the help of search Madeo and his 30-strong Team to the substances in our food, the start of the Autophagy.

ten years Ago, Madeo surprised the scientific community with a substance called “Spermidine”. Spermidine (first in sperm isolated, hence the somewhat unfortunate Name) is also one of those miracle substances that will stimulate the cleaning process of our cells, even if we have eaten something. If you will, pretends to Spermidine to our cells almost situation, even though we are chock-a-block full. The great thing about it is: There is no need for expensive pill for the pharmaceutical industry, this substance get. The best of Spermidine-bombs, gives us the nature, in the Form of wheat germ, but also mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli and aged cheese are good sources.


Easy to make!

Overload threatens in my recipes – they are designed in such a way that everything remains manageable.


In animals, Spermidine acts as a life-prolonging effect, and there is evidence, that diligent spermidine consumption could also go for people with a taper of at least a good five years. In addition, the risk for a deadly heart sinks failure by 40 percent compared to people who consume no spermidine-containing food. In the case of older persons, the dose of Spermidine administered were given in a study of Charité hospital in Berlin for three months daily one extra, improved the substance of the memory. The upper story is doing the occasional clean up well.

While there are thus, on the one hand, foods that stimulate Autophagy, there are, conversely, also the nutrients that enable the body in a kind of turbo-growth mode, and thus premature ageing. It is primarily protein. So it is enough if one goes specifically to the protein content of the diet down – schon lives fly, a fruit, a mouse or rat any longer.

protein (also Protein), and primarily the animal protein, driven by all the main nutrients, the aging process most vigorously. This is according to current knowledge, especially for meat and milk. “Milk is used to make small babies,” says Madeo. Milk and meat does not stimulate muscle growth these foods, therefore, are per se evil. The point is: adults, the word no longer suggests it to grow too much. Instead, the strong growth momentum of animal protein accelerated the aging process. Also: What’s with us adults is growing very well, is cancer.


to cook, mainly with the plant in its natural Form, just so, almost to the point, the recipe for a long life. It sounds almost too simple to be true, and yet this describes the core of a diet that is beneficial to the body. “Vegetable as a main dish, as a side dish” is a basic pattern, the ducks are in, without exception, all of the longevity zones on the earth, for example, on the Japanese island chain of Okinawa, or in the case of the seventh-day Adventist – a Protestant community in the United States – can be observed. The Adventists, for instance, which belong to the healthiest and longest-lived populations in the world eat mostly vegetarian.

The plant-based pattern is also underpinned by recent studies. In a study, the researcher community was a big attraction in the Aging, analyzed the researcher Valter Longo of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, the nutrition data of nearly 6400 people from the age of 50 years. It showed: he Who eats between 50 and 65 abundant protein, whose risk of Mortality is increased by around 75 percent, the risk of cancer increases four-fold – an order of magnitude, as we know from Smoking.

Longo and his Team looked at the data in more detail, found you This harmful context is shown only in animal protein. The analysis is limited to a plant-based protein sources like nuts, lentils, beans, or protein-containing vegetables, such as broccoli, spinach and asparagus, the malicious context to a large extent. A suspected reason: the plant-based protein components, a lower growth impetus comes, on the one hand, on the other hand, plant foods contain primarily those substances that stimulate beneficial biochemical processes, such as, for example, the Autophagy in our body.


trout à la Tini*

2 fresh trout and wash the inside with salt and pepper.

1 red onion cut into eighths.

2 tomatoes, wash and cut into quarters.

1 courgette, wash and chop.

1 wash the lemon and cut into slices.

2 cloves of garlic cut into slices.

All together, with 4 branches of rosemary, 4 sprigs of thyme, and 6 stems of parsley in an oven-proof casserole with 2 TABLESPOONS of olive oil. At 180 °C in the oven for about 20 Min. cook in the oven.

*Tini is my mother-in-law, as a practitioner of naturopathy intensively with diet apart.


And yet, before we demonize the flesh lump, still something Remarkable the researchers discovered: from the age of about 65, the adverse connection with the animal protein disappeared. Probably other rules apply for older people, perhaps because meat and other animal protein and the declining muscle mass in old age (“Sarcopenia”). In old age, falls are more of a risk. Perhaps the slow weakening of the body, the strength of the growth impulse of the flesh can be of use in this phase of life very well.


Bas Kast, in collaboration with Michaela Baur:

“The nutritional compass. The Cooking Book. 111 recipes for healthy enjoyment”, C. Bertelsmann, 22 Euro (since 25. February in the trade).

©C. Bertelsmann

in other words: something like the perfect longevity diet, which is true for all of us, universally, does not exist. Rigid dogmas misleading. In my cookbook I manage it the same way: Who holds the degree, can use virtually all of the natural ingredients, the dose makes the poison. Only in the case of processed meat such as sausage, bacon and Salami and too Sugary I would hold me back.

fun food

Similar to relaxed the aging researchers Sebastian Grönke and Frank Madeo. Grönke has lived there for 16 years as a vegetarian, but eats in moderation meat again. Madeo is also based mainly on Vegetable, otherwise he is not a friend of strict regulations.

he Often fasts during the day to help the Autophagy on the jumps, but not always. Meat he eats about once per week. He recommends: “do not Look bleak and fanatical on the number of years you live. The value of life is its depth, not just length. You never lose the fun of food!”

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