Noma: As a farm re-opened and now with two Michelin stars


René Redzepi is a master of his craft: He has revolutionized Nordic cuisine. It is thanks to him that Denmark is home to one of the best Restaurants in the world. The “Noma” in Copenhagen has been repeatedly voted “The World’s 50 Best Restaurant”, mostly on the front three places. Now it also has its Michelin star back.

a year Ago, the Restaurant had moved. The Michelin star it had lost. But Redzepi had a Vision: He restored an old warehouse in the middle of the city to an urban Farm. Bigger than before with its own gardens and greenhouses. Redzepi is a Visionary who wants to consistently cook seasonally. He is radically restricted to products from his environment, his Motto is: purism on the plate, and the guests serve casual and loose. This has inspired many young chefs around the world.


62-year-old rags Ali is a Partner of the best Restaurant in the world

By Denise Snieguole Wachter “Noma” like to

A year after re-opening the Noma was awarded with two stars. The only Danish Restaurant with three stars in the “Geranium”, the cooking for his guests in the Danish capital.

removals are the “Noma” and Redzepis Team by the way. In January 2016, the chef went for ten weeks to Sydney. There Rezdepi and his Team have opened a Pop-up Version of the Nomas. A similar concept was developed in 2017 in Tulum, Mexico. For seven weeks, the Noma, in a kind of Open-Air Restaurant serving a multi-course menu with drinks for a mere 600 dollars. That Redzepi and his Team courage for the New and Extravagant, prove year for year.

The “Noma” in the years 2010 to 2014, four times world’s best Restaurant was named. His Name is a combination of the Danish words for “Nordic” and “food” (“nordisk” and “mad”).


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