Of which almost everyone has a can to house an insight into an industry shrouded in Silence


The cinnamon you can smell from the highway. Directly behind the exit of the A33 at the Teutoburg forest scent clouds: Only the smell of Christmas cookies wafting through the air, then paprika chicken, a piece of Pizza with lots of Oregano. Pepper tickles the nose. Visitors view the largest spice production in the world so far before they see the Kingdom of Dieter Fuchs to the South of the 9500-strong community Dissen. Three halls, each with 10,000 square meters and has around 26,000 pallets, tons of paper and fabric bags with spices of this world pile up. The essential Oils, the steam is released from the spices that burn in the eyes and in the nose. The employees no longer smell the long time.

The 90-year-old Dieter Fuchs has created in the past decades, an Empire. The small plastic jars with spices are available in almost every German household. However, in spite of the Quasi-monopoly of the company was closed, Fox was reluctant in his spice bags look. In the summer, the Patriarch withdrew from the organization. The Fuchs group is a radical change now.


The successor of Dieter Fox

Why Fox resting on his spice rack

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

Dieter Fuchs, founded in 1952, with a mere 24 years his One-man operation, much more than a bike and a 200-Mark in the pocket, he had not. With skill he formed an Empire and conquered the world of spices. In 2017, the Fuchs group had a turnover of almost 530 million euros. So Fox is the largest spice manufacturer in Germany and with 3,000 employees, the largest spice company in the world that is in private ownership. Dieter Fuchs was a Quasi-monopolist, because he first started in the 1990s, large-scale competitors to buy up, which would have threatened his Kingdom. In 1998, the Fuchs group Ostmann, then the competitors Ubena, Wagner, Kattus and the Asia brand Bamboo Garden swallowed. the The Fox group covers in Germany, nearly 80 percent of its sales in the billion-Euro spice industry.

the machines in the factory run almost without a break. Long tubes suck in the spices, water, steam, impurities come out. In the so-called spice mill, seven stories high, the spices run all the production steps: First they are cleaned, then dried, and finally milled, processed or mixed spice blends. All of this is happening under the ear-splitting noise, and high-tech environments. Only a handful of workers there is here. What accompanies a always, are the essential Oils that are released during the evaporation of the spices.

More exported as harvested

The great Oregano-mystery: How the spice with Foliage is adulterated

the Oregano is called a mystery. That is very much more Oregano exported than is harvested. We have spoken with the greatest of oregano producers in the world about what is behind it.

By Denise Snieguole Wachter, The Willy Wonka of the spice industry

Between the old production hall and the new the estate of Dieter Fuchs. The Senior lives on his own premises, his leadership style imagine. He was regarded as a Patriarch through and through, who ruled with a control and a stubborn head. To give something from the Hand, fell hard for him. A bad word about the Fuchs group and is also a Senior Fox no one likes to speak in public. That under him, fear culture and control had apparently been in, only told behind closed doors. No wonder the company have long searched for a successor.

it seems Almost as if Dieter Fuchs has had a literary model: Willy Wonka from “Charlie and the chocolate factory”. The children’s book tells the story of the Chocolate factory owner Willy Wonka, a verschrobenem man who is very successful with his company and hasn’t been seen for decades. Wonka’s claim to fame with its chocolate and lived on his factory premises, the succession, he decided, ultimately, by lot. So far Fox went, but he wrestled for a long time. No one was good enough. The first candidate, Carsten D. Wehrmann, chucked in after a few months. Fox, then aged 85 years old, didn’t like the direction of the company. So, military man went.


Tons of stacks of paper and fabric bags with spices in Fuchs

©Fuchs group marble cake stands for the Era of Dieter Fox

Meanwhile, the succession is regulated – but must catch up on things now. Because Fox wanted to know from the digital world, younger product categories or modern Marketing is nothing. He held his plastic jars as well as spice mixes that seemed to have fallen out of time. Thus, a seasoning mix for marble cake stand many years in the Fox-the spice rack because Fox wanted it that way. Was purchased only rarely.

“One of the big changes is that transparency and communication – internally and externally. We have significantly increased”, says the marketing chief Jan Plambeck in an interview with the star. In the burrow there is a lot to do. The Era of the 90-Year-old is finished. And yet, the vision of the company are founder’s still clear. The management is uniform: a white male and in a suit. To each other is always so courteous and polite, women in Management, there are hardly any. “In the business line there is a woman. We have written it to the Flag, to find female leaders,” says the new Fox-chief Nils Meyer-Pries, on demand of the star.

longing for honest products

in The Mainstream is dead – like the taste of Millennials, the food industry

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

Until recently, it smashes, it was unthinkable that the press could catch sites a look at the production. The door was not firmly closed, Fox held a lot of public Relations. Now the leadership is proud to present what has created the Fox in the last few decades, and what you can run now finally, as it thinks fit. Prior to the digital world close? Of due to. Meyer-Pries, and Plambeck set with full energy and everything on a map: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, How-to Videos, recipe recommendations, Videos of small farmers, hip packaging, to appeal to the Millennials. Full speed ahead. And you also need to. Because of Social Media, there is the case of Fox, it is only since 2017.

spices to transparent

The Fox group, prevents sI the pressure of the consumer. Transparent they could be long, but it is only now, because the customer wants it so, will it be done. It all seems a little forced: “The Consumer is now starting to be stronger, ask. A few years ago, it was not a big issue. Where do the spices come from, and what to do with it, we could communicate already for decades.”

The food expert Hanni Rützler know that more and more consumers to consume their food only””, but also “” want to experience. To can the interest to the production and quality, and sensual experience, the food industry must respond.

“the cave of The lion”

how to “Anchor leaf” after the Deal: “I have my wife for a year, lied”

anchor herb wants it with the Large. The spice company creates it to be with a good Design and Marketing customer favorite. Also, the lions were thrilled to 2016 of the herbal company. How are the founders today?

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

The spice-Start-up anchor herb has from the beginning understood: founder, Anne and Stefan Lemcke have made themselves the brand that they are an indispensable part of the spice industry. In a Garage in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, Lemcke mixed his first herbal. “It sounds like a cliché, but it really was a Garage,” says Anne Lemcke of the star. “I wanted to make something with my hands,” says the previously self-employed in Online Marketing. That he has chosen, of all things, the spice industry, can you describe, in the best case as the bold.Because, actually, the market is saturated.

Over a billion euros in sales make spices in Germany. Three-quarters of this flow mainly into the coffers of Fox. In addition, there is the small Mitmischer as an anchor herb, Just Spices, or Soul, Spice, demand full transparency. Their share of the market? Not more than one percent, but the young and Wild attack.

The rumor that Fox wanted to take over the anchor herb in the old style for 20 million Euro, has persisted in the industry. The spice manufacturer denied it of course, because the anchor herb continues to be on its own. The acquisition would be for Fox more than just a Takeover since the Start-up makes a lot of what aspires to Fox. Probably the greatest challenge: Fox has never seen itself as a brand, a Problem, understand the new bosses now. Anchor herb is on all Social Media channels, on Youtube you have let your Fans in their Diet. “Fan” is the right word, a fan club is just registered. Not by the founders themselves, but by their spice groupies.

In Dissen rattle, however, more of the machines, directly from the load the paper carts and fabric bags from all over the world in the production hall to be unloaded. Oregano comes with Branches and stones directly from Turkey and is cleaned on-site, and peppers in fabric bags as a whole fruit from the company’s own farms from Brazil. It is the first image of movies, which are also shown to the staff in Dissen. The show interested and surprised. Because, as the business was previously at Fox, knowing only the least of them. But that should change now.

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