Only two ingredients: The easiest cake in the world



This juicy-fluffy cake with almond based manage with only two ingredients. And no, flour is not one of them.

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Who don’t know, not immediately on it, which two ingredients are needed for this cake, even if the almond taste is unmistakable: Amaretto? Almonds? Almost. It is Marzipan. In addition, you need only eggs, many eggs, that was it but then already. There are several versions in the network, which relates to the ratio of Marzipan and eggs circulate. We have opted for a variant that we have found in the case of the chef, and were initially skeptical: Can it work? Without flour or baking powder? Yes, it can.

However, it is advisable to roll out the dough with a kitchen machine to cook. Patience is needed here, because it takes a while until the ingredients form a homogeneous mass. With the Mixer, it would be sure, a food processor simplifies the work enormously. Due to the long time the eggs are Beating nice and airy, which results in the loose, spongy texture of the cake. Important: The Marzipan has to be the room warm.

The finished cakes you can sprinkle to taste before Serving with some powdered sugar or with chocolate-chocolate sprinkle. Then it would be an ingredient more. A lot of fun Trying!


400 g marzipan (at room temperature)7 eggs


preheat The oven to 160 °C preheat.

The Marzipan into small pieces, crumble in mixing bowl. Start with one or two eggs that rest of the eggs one at a time and continue stirring until the two ingredients form a homogeneous, lumps free mass.

put The dough in a greased loaf cake mold (24 cm) and on the middle rack in the oven to bake. After 15 minutes short-cut lengthwise, then about another 30 to 40 minutes more baking and a Garprobe make. Maybe he needs a little longer. If he threatens to become too dark, cover with aluminum foil and ready to bake. Allow to cool and serve.

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