Pane Frattau – this lasagna from Sardinia, you have to taste it


Who thinks of Sardinian cuisine and Pizza and Pasta in the head, you missed the greatest culinary treasures. The dishes of Sardinia are influenced by the sea as well as from the country. The Pane Carasau, a traditional thin crispy flat bread was probably prepared as a staple in the bronze age. Later, it served especially the Sardinian shepherds as catering, often for weeks, with their flocks of sheep in the mountain regions. The advantage of the bread: it is very durable. The pita bread was the ideal food for fishermen and sea travellers. The Crossings on the Mediterranean sea, lasted with old sailing vessels often take several weeks and in contrast to perishable foods such as fruit, vegetables and meat, Pane Carasau could also be consumed after weeks without hesitation.

Pane Carasau is also a part of the Sardinian lasagna Pane Frattau, the flatbreads are layered breads simply with tomato sauce and Pecorino. As this court succeeds and what are the dishes you must try in addition, learn the route in the following pictures.

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