Peas, milk is the best Alternative to cow’s milk?


The production of one litre of milk produces about as much carbon dioxide as the combustion of a litre of petrol. A not-too-good eco-balance. And one of the reasons why more and more people require to plant milk. But which is really better?

sales of The milk Alternatives is growing from year to year. This is partly due to the fact that the Lifestyle of the people changes. More and more feed vegan or vegetarian, or consciously value it to consume less animal products such as cow’s milk. Now a new Alternative on the market: peas milk comes from.

about two years Ago, the plant was introduced to drink for the first time on the U.S. market, where she was listed in the supermarket chain Whole Foods and the rest of the planet. The American Start-up Ripple, it is managed, a milk alternative, which is purely vegetable and thus, lactose – free, but also soy-and gluten-free. It also comes without nuts, which makes the plants drink especially for Allergy sufferers attractive. The peas milk a hit.

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soy milk

are you especially Americans and Europeans, soy milk drink the most. Market leader Alpro use soya from Canada and Europe, and is trying to make sure that the cultivation is as sustainable as possible and as little plants will be used protection as possible. The organic offshoot Provamel refers to soy fully out of Europe. The soy milk of the French organic company’s Soy (Soya!) used soy, which comes exclusively from France.

In a few weeks, the market expected us launch of the first peas of milk in Germany, which is made of the drinkstar GmbH, Rosenheim. It bears the English name for the Princess and the pea: “Princess and the Pea”.

peas milk you can’t imagine a green, viscous porridge. Rather, it is a highly processed product made from water, pea protein, derived from yellow split peas, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, sweetened variant is also added sugar from sugar beet. So at least the composition of the Rosenheim plant drinks. Add Gellan gum (a water-soluble multi-sugar), and phosphate, and flavors for variety-vanilla and chocolate.

peas milk taste test

And as the peas tastes of milk? It is creamy and white and resembles cow’s milk, the flavor is closer to regular milk but not. It tastes watery, with a creamy aftertaste of furry on the tongue. The peas milk leaves a slightly sour, sticky and bitter Note in the mouth. The flavor is more in the direction of soy milk, however, is a little nutty. Whether it is like – as so often – a matter of taste.


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Of the nutritional values her peas milk convinced, especially with their protein content. With 13 percent of the vegan milk contains just as much protein as cow’s milk. A glass of unsweetened peas milk has only 75 calories per glass (200 ml), reduced-fat milk about 86 calories. Sweetened but the peas milk 100 calories per glass, even more with vanilla, chocolate and coffee taste. This is not only in comparison to other milk Alternatives, quite a lot – but even more than Coca-Cola.

The peas for the plants to drink “Princess and the Pea” are exclusively grown in Europe. According to a statement from the manufacturer of the pea is to drink will also support the protection of the environment: The high Protein yield of the peas guide surfaces to a relatively low level of cultivation and water consumption. What you may not, however, forget: peas, milk is a processed product with multiple ingredients, the Eco-balance in the sum of not exactly determine.

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