Perfect Porridge – this is the secret only a few know


no Matter eaten oatmeal whether on the American, European or Asian continent. For example, as a Porridge, sweet or savory. But there is one key ingredient that makes the oatmeal to the Star: It is the good pinch of salt. The Porridge of his depth.

the salt makes the thread of porridge only to the delicious dish. It is completely no matter, whether you are Porridge with water, milk or plant drinks to cook, salt the whole, the crowning glory, that certain Something, the perfect finishing touch.

Porridge, prepare and otherwise it is very simple. Just look at the ratio of 2:1. This means that Two parts of the liquid come to a part of oatmeal in a pot. Then the pinch of salt is added, stir for about seven minutes on medium heat the porridge to perfection. If you don’t like it quite so thick in consistency, add a little more liquid. If you use Instant oatmeal, your Porridge after a few minutes.

if you like porridge with a twist

, to the Porridge with the Topping of his choice: maple syrup, a handful of berries, nuts or fresh fruits. Why Porridge is so popular? It saturates, it does so long-lasting and cost virtually nothing.

you don’t feel like oatmeal? Then you may want to try the Asian Version: Congee is nothing more than rice porridge. For tasty, filling and cheap. Asians already know of this little secret with only two ingredients.

here, Too, it is like the porridge. Congee tastes bland, looks like goo in a bowl. But an ingredient can make all the difference: fish sauce, a few mushrooms, chives or Chili. Already Congee as Porridge is a Star. How the rice manages to mash, and why it can be so rich, you can read here.

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