Pissaladière – onion Pizza from Provence


we Consider cooking and eating, please riding as a culinary spring. To kick-off: As we all know, is the daily life is not always easy. So many obstacles! The eight-hour day shopping and cooking, rinse and put away, and only those who are self-motivate with a “allez, hopp” to get his Ride put error-free, without frozen pizza and bag of pasta through the day. To compensate for this, the daily freshly prepared cuisine, rewarded him or her through infinite variety on the plate, through the recognition and Pat on the shoulder. to cook

but, even to eat can be a hurdle, because not everyone at the table eats, and without any struggle, which has just been prepared. We take on the Pissaladière. Beginners like you appear to be the three-fold combination in a power jump. The dish contains three ingredients that can shy away from: anchovies, capers and olives. Three true Oxer.

The Pizza with the oblique name

What is a Pissaladière? It is in the South of France, Provence-based combination of Pizza and onion soup. The main ingredient – loads of onions will be steamed prior to entering the oven, depending on your taste and time to glaze until caramelized braised (and could, baked with broth poured on and with a baguette slice and cheese, to onion soup).

Such a pre-treated onions taste sweet, and somewhat conventionally, because the sharp sulphurous ingredients of the onion dwindle during Stewing and Braising, and let the sugar stand out. Exactly this Zuckrigkeit made things boring, would you not salty or sour, salty accents, contrary to – the anchovies, capers and olives.

fortunately, the gepimpte onion charge on a crunchy crispy batter served floor. There is this Pizza Element that reassures those at the table who may not have that adventurous heart. I have to admit that I have the Dough for my Pissaladière packs gather that I buy in the supermarket. I write in Plural, because I, with the exception of puff pastry – no major differences in baking behaviour between the finished Pizza, flammekueche and Quiche doughs. The stark baking heat of 240 degrees makes all the doughs the same crunchy, at the same time, the short baking time of 20 minutes, you burn. Pack instructions are ignoring scores to.

As we lead the horse to jump into the pizza buying dough in the fridge knowing I will be 1 dozen anchovies, put them in lukewarm water and entsalze you a little while I roll next, 1 kg of hides and not too fine onions; sometimes I cut them in strips, like my mind is just.

The onions in a Wok-like, voluminous half-round pot (in English “Dutch oven” called; my has a copper core and it was expensive, but lasts for many years and was a worthwhile investment), and you sweat in 3-4 TABLESPOONS of olive oil until translucent, in the process, I press 2-3 cloves of garlic into it and give the stripped leaves from a few sprigs of Thyme, and 1 TBSP to capers.

Between analysis: How long and to what color grade I’m sweating my Gezwiebel, depends on day, mood and the time I have available. Onions consist almost only of water to steam them so far (in the case of visible water leaks) and to burn afterwards (water is evaporated), until first light and then increasing the Browning occurs, it can take 1 kg of onions an hour. There is nothing that makes the finished onion mud but to spend the night in the fridge. This step can be already on the previous day to prepare.

also, Since the Cutting of the onions is time consuming, I like to almost child head onions major Vegetables – 4 copies, should usually be sufficient for the required kilos. But only these four crop is a little funny when the chef’s knife is sauscharf. Sauscharf the knife is if the blade only goes by pressure, so without sawing movements, effortlessly through the onion. For this reason, the knives once-a-year for tools grinder and a good sharpening steel in the kitchen.

I gather from the dough of the pack and roll it on an oiled baking sheet. What overhangs, cut I, verknete I and set it aside for the decoration of my court. The dough edge I krumpele toward the center a little bit and build me a small edge of a pool, within whose boundaries I mean the onion mass distributed.

The anchovies, I pull any remaining bones, roll the Fillets in to small rings and spread them evenly in the onion mass. Similar to I do with 2 dozen small black olives with stone (pitted Ware tastes like nothing).

From the dough leftovers I cut strips and put it in a grid on the onion mass, where I verzwacke the strip at the edge of the dough. The rim and grid I pinsele with Oil. The entire work, I bake for 20 minutes in the oven at 240 degrees. As a side dish I serve with a tomato salad.

Laminating measures

So far, So terrible, some think, because the number of those who reject the strong spicy tastes, grows well known. Now the kitchen is in an apartment does not have a Restaurant, where the customer is king and for his money, only to expect what you like of his Majesty. Rather, the cook or the cook takes the scepter, and eat it, what comes to the table. People in a marital or child-dependency ratio may be first of all on their knees grateful that you even every day, is served.

On the question in the catechism: “What do we believe?”, the answer is: “We believe in what purports to believe the Holy Catholic Church.” Transferred to the Situation at the dinner table the answer to the question of what we eat: “We eat what’s put in front of us to eat in the kitchen, dominant Person.”

Theoretically. Practically, we need to do better at this. Zimperlingen is only concealment even at all, what’s the Pissaladière. That anchovies are Umami contain and this is the reason for their use, is not of interest to you. You only hear the word anchovy, and raise a cry. For you it comes to Pizza, basta.

Here is a Trick: anchovies, you can hide and, by extension, you, as the Paste thinly on the dough and then with the Zwiebelmumpe covered. Also capers, you can hack a little water, then well and in the Mumpe incorporate, so they are not to be seen.

With olives, of course not. With them it is but as with chili peppers, whose presence is known to have schmeckt, but it hurts. To endure pain that can and needs to learn. On the some habituation needy olive essence this means, first of all, not black, but the colour is less conspicuous green olives, and of which only a rather mild variety. It grabs you not on the Pizza, but cuts your flesh from the stone and pushes the Slices, then the onion mass stealthy, where they know how to camouflage themselves whether or not their color.

As I said, this life is hard and full of hurdles – but why should it be only for the cook or the cooking? What is the name of it but in the old pop song by Lynn Anderson “I never promised you a rose garden …” that’s Exactly how it is. Only a crispy Pizza I promised. Here is the piece of work, look, and now eat!

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