Popular dishes: For 27 years, a canteen, a have-goers, and the same favorites


The Germans love hearty: the food selection in canteens, the curry sausage with French fries to a menu-list of the canteen provider, Apetito foods, also in 2018, the top spot is occupied – unbeaten for 27 years. The most successful climbers in the favor of the canteen visitors, however, was the Alaska Pollock with parsley potatoes, extruded the Schnitzel with roast potatoes from the second place in the audience’s favor, as it is said in a Tuesday press release.

operating canteens, senior citizens and day-care centres and schools interviewed from Rheine (North Rhine-Westphalia) supplies daily operation of canteens, facilities for the elderly and day-care centres and schools. In addition, Apetito with the brand Costa claims to be the market leader in the food trade in the areas of fish fillets, shellfish and crustaceans as well as molluscs.

The Top-3 menus in old people’s homes

Significant differences between the catering provider, between the consumer preferences in canteens, nursing homes and kindergartens were observed. In the case of the seniors, traditional dishes dominate the popularity ranking:

beef roulade with gravy, boiled potatoes and red Cabbage Meatballs with Beetroot and salt green bean stew with beef fleischdie most Popular dishes in kindergartens and schools

Healthier potatoes as the adult in day-care centres and schools:

tomato soup with rice and beef meatballs, vegetarian lentil soup chicken fricassee with peas and rice

Overall, increases in the demand for vegetarian dishes, stressed Apetito-head, Guido Hildebrandt.

deb / DPA

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