Restaurants cheat: fish quality in the Baltic sea is often frightening mies


fish restaurants on the Baltic coast are particularly popular with tourists: The fish comes fresh from the sea to the plate. So, at least, the acceptance of the consumer. But the fish is always really fresh? The “NDR” has accompanied a fish-Sommelier of the Freshness-Test, and found out: unfortunately The reality is different.

With a hidden camera visit to the fish-expert and “NDR”-editor of various fish restaurants in Holy port. When you first look at the menu, the selection of fish dishes is huge. The is fresh?, ask the Tester to the employees. Your answer is amazing: 100% of fresh fish are not allowed to sell, which must be due to the control of previously frozen.

The Sommelier, explains: As a rule there is only fish for Sushi, herring and Herring. The need to have a protection frost. The fish is chilled for about 20 hours at about minus 20 degrees Celsius deep, so all the germs die off. Saithe and Cod, you must sell without hesitation fresh.


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By Denise Snieguole Wachter

The Tester in order in the first Restaurant directly at the yacht port of plaice and Pannfisch with mustard sauce. The verdict: edible, tasty, but fishy and mushy. The meat of the plaice, for example, pulls through the Freezing a lot of moisture. Upon thawing and processing, the fish is stringy then from the consistency and soft.

often, TK-Ware ends up from the dealer on the table

How does it look on Fehmarn? In a Restaurant, the testers get no Scampi, but cheaper shrimp on the menu. The operator apologize later that it was a fault of the supplier that has already been fixed. The soil should be fresh from the Baltic sea. The Result? A lot of fluid indicates that the TK-commodity. A waiter denies this and says that it’ll make no difference, whether fresh or frozen products. The Sommelier thought otherwise.

Illegal CO

scandal spiced tuna – like rotten Sushi fresh Sushi

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

In the next Restaurant there is a Baltic sea plate. What fish is that?, want to know the Tester. The response of the fish hearken expert: redfish, saithe and Cod, the response of the waitress. There are neither redfish nor saithe in the Baltic sea. The Name is so misleading. Redfish and Cod are also TK-commodity. The justification for the operator: There is a lot of local fishermen, from which you could obtain goods. The majority is sourced from wholesalers.

Of the five tested Restaurants could only convince one of the fish-Sommelier. He recommends the Restaurant “North pole” in Holy harbour, where the testers have to get fresh fish. The conclusion of the experts: Just because the Restaurant is located on the Baltic sea, one should not expect that the fish comes fresh on the plate.

The whole show you can see here in the library!

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