Reusable straws: Eight Alternatives in the Test


did you Know that in Germany alone, 40 billion plastic straws are consumed per year? The Bad thing is: most of them can not be recycled, since they are not covered by the recycling facilities properly and, as a result of the landfill and in waste incineration plants to land. Storage under the open sky the light Stalks to be blown away then by the Wind often.

Since it is hardly surprising that one in seven of the waste piece, which is picked up on a beach or a river, is a drinking straw made of plastic. Even worse, however, is that it takes up to 500 years , until the straw is completely decomposed. And until then, small plastic particles in our oceans, pollute its microscopic. Thus, it is high time for straws made of reusable materials . The consumer portal did the self-experiment and test eight different Alternative. All reusable straws were evaluated in terms of taste, experience of Drinking, cleaning, and sustainability. The results of the Self-study were provided to the star exclusively.

these are the two test winner

1. PURITY straws made of stainless steel (grade: 1,5)

the PURITY straws made of stainless steel have Won: they were able to convince the product tester at the most. Supplied with eight Straws were brush included with a length of 21,5 centimeters and a diameter of five millimeters, as well as a cleaning – in a closable cloth bag. The Material of the straws is especially resistant and dishwasher-proof , so you can enjoy so easily hot or cold, thick or thin liquid beverages. The only downside: drinks without taste, such as, for example, water, are not so well suited for the stainless steel version because they perceive the metallic taste of the material. These Straws will keep for eternity and are thus ecological value .

2. HALM straws made of glass (Note: 1,5)

In the second place, the STRAW straws made of glass are landed. In the scope of delivery includes a cleaning brush, and four Stalks, each with a length of 20 cm are included here, the diameter is seven millimeters – that is to say, you can drink more liquid at once. Just like the drinking straws from stainless steel, the glass, are suitable re-usable and dishwasher. In contrast to the winner of the test, however, you have the advantage that you can taste are completely neutral to grab no matter which drink you. On top of that, you are drinking straws made of glass visually very appealing. Negative is not the highlight here, however, is that the glass version is unbreakable . Even if you have to spend quite a bit of force to break a Stalk, the risk nevertheless exists permanently.

This is the price-performance winner

3. ounona straws made of plastic (Note: 1,9)

Here, you will receive 25 straws in various colours with a length of 22.2 cm and a diameter of six millimeters, at once supplied, without having to dig deep into their pockets. For this reason, the ounona drinking straws were selected from plastic for the price-performance winner. Included is also a cleaning brush as well as a plastic packaging , which misses the basic idea of a plastic-free variant, unfortunately, entirely and therefore a negative impact is assessed. On the positive side, however, is that the Stalks are also completely taste-neutral, reusable, and dishwasher safe. Add to that the plastic-variants of a practical Ring , which ensures that the flexible Straws to slip in a bottle of pure, or can be pulled out.

So the other straws cut

4. HOOMEE straws made of stainless steel (grade 1.8)

Also, this version has been tested and found to be good. The positive properties of the HOOMEE straws made of stainless steel are approximately the same as at the test winner – this is also true for the negative points metallic taste . In the scope of delivery of eight Straws of different lengths (between 25.5 and 26.5 centimeters) and diameters (between five and seven millimeters), a lockable bag, and two cleaning brushes are included.

5. Bambaw straws made from bamboo (grade: 2,1)

These straws are a real eye-catching , but also some negative properties, such as, for example, the rough surface or the fact that you taste are not completely neutral. In the scope of delivery of the Bambaw straws made of bamboo twelve Straws with a length of 22 centimeters and a diameter of between five and ten millimeters, a cleaning brush, and a lockable bag are included. The straws are reusable, can be several times reduced washed and organic.

6. Stroodles pasta straws (grade 3.0)

it is not a Little surprising in this self-experiment, that the Stroodles pasta straws are reusable – because it is commercially available pasta. Thus, the neutral beverages of the typical pasta taste stands out in the taste significantly, moreover, the Blades of grass sticking to the lips. Positive noticed, that the 25 of varying length (between 22.5 and 25 cm), six-Millimeter-thick straws were delivered in recycled paper, in addition to the noodles, biodegradable are . The result was only satisfactory.


For a straw made of stainless steel, there is a special brush for Cleaning

©light field studios

7. Uarter straws made of silicone (Note: 3,1)

Even worse than their predecessors, the Uarter straws made from silicone will have to cut off. Blame it on your intense taste of its own with hardly a drink cover is. In the scope of delivery contains six colorful Straws with a length of 24.7 cm and a diameter of spacious one point two centimeters, are included. The straws made from silicone are also re-usable and dishwasher-safe, but it was only enough for a “satisfactory”.

8. eBoot straws made of paper (Note: 3,4)

At the worst the eBoot straws made of paper were evaluated in the Test: you look very pretty and are also biodegradable, for that, you can only once be used and taste are moreover not neutral. Apart from that, the plastic is supplied free Alternative, paradoxically, in a plastic packaging. A total of 100 units are in the scope of delivery, the length is 19.6 centimeters and a diameter of six millimeters. A negative impact is noticed that the straws made of paper stay on lip stick and thick Drinks can only be with difficulty, to drink.

the bottom line

There are a variety of reasonable Alternatives to the commercially available straw from plastic. The best variants made of stainless steel and glass – but the other straws cut have their advantages. For which model you choose at the end of the day, of course, remains up to you. The main thing is that you for the sake of not take any products out of plastic to our environment and your health.


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