Risen: The absurd science behind a sour dough


The canadian Ione Christensen bakes waffles every Saturday. The recipe has remained unchanged for some 60 years: two cups of flour, two cups of warm water and a piece of sour dough from your refrigerator. Doesn’t sound unusual? It is but if you know what the leaven is in Iones fridge. The 84-Year-old keeps in it a true treasure: The approach (including sourdough starter) is the sour, stale dough. More precisely, the 120 years old and thus older than Ione Christensen said.

sourdough you have to hold on to life and keep it constantly feed with flour and water. By lactic acid bacteria and yeasts is kept sourdough in the fermentation. You want the dough to survive, the bacteria of food. When baking the wheat molecules are converted into sugar molecules. Meanwhile, the yeast produces carbon dioxide which causes the bread to rise.

how do the bacteria for sour dough originate


The story of the leaven, which is maintained for 120 years as a pet

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

Now, the question arises, where do the bacteria come first sourdough? Christensen knows that the mad used dough approach already from your great-grandfather around the year 1897. Where it comes from but exactly do not know you. Also the “BBC” is the question of the Ur-dough gone to the bottom. The microbes come from the air, from the flour or he is not even the own Microbiome of the Baker?

Fortunately, there are first research. In the Belgian St. Vith, there is the so-called sourdough library. There are around 110 glasses, in which sourdough maintained and are kept alive are. Scientists have found out that the starters over 350 strains of microorganisms. They also noted that the hands of bakers have a slightly different strain of bacteria than the other people. This is probably because the Baker’s dipping their hands constantly in sour bread dough.

This supports the theory that bacteria for sourdough come from the bakers themselves. The scientists assume that these are already in the flour or Baker’s hands is available, bring the bread to Rise. How the bacteria behave exactly – whether you are Hiking from the hands of the leaven approach, or the other way around – is still unclear. In the end, less science, but only one thing counts: That we can continue to enjoy delicious sourdough bread.

Every Saturday, when the 84-year-old canadian Ione Christensen prepared waffles, it returns the value of the new dough mixture to the sourdough approach. So you fürttert the Ur-dough. You would not do that, would die of sourdough and no waffles are on the Breakfast table.

sources: “BBC”, “Guardian”

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