Rügenwalder mill sealed the end of the curry sausage


Regardless of whether the Currywurst was invented in the Ruhr area, or in Berlin, from a place in Germany not more is probably the most popular Snack now: In Bad Zwischenahn, in the North of lower saxonys the Rügenwalder mill 1 has. September to the end of their curry sausage made from meat sealed. The sausage manufacturer need more space for its vegetarian products, says the company’s chief Godo Röben. The meat and sausage industry to have overdone it in the past few years, animal welfare and climate protection remained on the track, says the 50-Year-old. “Now is the time to eat 50 percent less animals.”

remarkable tones for one of the most well-known meat processors in the country. And a strategy that was not convincing even in his own house at the beginning of each. “Of course, there was great resistance,” says Ben about the introduction of the Veggie products from the Rügenwalder mill five years ago. “The vegetarian was the natural enemy of the meat and sausage manufacturer.” But the current business model is not just more viable for the future.

There is no PR-Stunt

response to Vegan-Hype: U.S. Fast-Food chain is testing vegetables from meat


“ten years ago, you could see that we have three huge problems in the range, the Röben from year to year: animal suffering, health, and climate change”, recalls. It was foreseeable that the mass animal farming because of the growing world population will not be less. The world health organization have warned, it will eat a lot of meat. And livestock farming is harmful to the climate than the entire global transport. “When you see that, then you have to have a new business model.”

Hype about “Beyond burgers”

meat needs to taste like meat: Why?

green core Burger Patty was yesterday, today, pleasure for the palate and the climate no longer need to exclude already the end of the diet. Currently, new vegetable Burger for debate. But why do the products need to look at all the same and taste like meat?

DPA dispute “vegetarian Schnitzel”

But the subject of meat-polarized-free diet. Three years ago, the then agricultural Minister Christian Schmidt (CSU) campaigned for a ban on the product name, such as “vegetarian Schnitzel” or “vegan sausage”. His Argument was that The terms were “completely misleading and confusing consumers”. What sounds according to the flesh, should come in nicely by the animal. As if the consumers run the risk to confuse scouring milk with cow’s milk.

Bert gamer strike answer

Three ideas for vegetarians

A glance at the figures shows, however, that there are meat substitute products on the market. Röbens Veggie strategy today accounts for 35 to 38 percent of the turnover of the rügenwalder mill. “The target of 40 per cent, we will achieve in the next year,” says Ben.

The Veggie products are not easy, in addition to the range. The meat processing had declined in the past four years, an average of three percent. These capacities are now used for vegan and vegetarian products. Wherein when the end of the sausage to the truth, including that the company had only been in 2014, in the offer and the grant of the marketing environment was difficult.

Nevertheless, it is Röben is important that you should offer to preach rather than just a waiver, the customers are good Alternatives. Because: “The people do not dictate what they should eat, work.”

Beyond Meat Burger

Already sold out again: Lidl moves to a dangerous Vegan-strategy

Lidl has as a promotional offer the vegan “Beyond Meat Burger” to the range brought. In some branches, the Patties were sold out within minutes. Lidl miscalculated – and that is a dangerous strategy?

interest in the meat products

The interest in Meat substitutes is on the rise worldwide. The IPO of the US company Beyond Meat in may, such a Hype was created that self-CSU-politician Alexander Dobrindt raved after a visit to the Silicon Valley of meat-free burgers. To the Annoyance of the Rügenwalder mill. “It is as if you are saying that the Tesla is the of all is probably the most beautiful car, and forget that we also have a couple of car manufacturer here”, writes Ben. “We are one of the Top Ten companies worldwide in this area.”

Ever the entrepreneur from Bad Zwischenahn is on a level with the much-publicized Los Angeles Philharmonic. “We are eye-to-eye with Beyond Meat,” he says. In terms of sales of meat-free products, there is no difference. For comparison: Beyond Meat has increased its sales in the second quarter, as measured by the year-on-year to 287 percent to $ 67 million and its share price since may six-fold.

Meatless cold cuts are booming

If a vegetarian sausage want to

The Rügenwalder mill draws only a part of the opportunities in the meat animal: vegetable products Yes, insects and In vitro meat from the lab, no. “I think, not to enforce the insects in Germany for a long time. This works for many of the more repulsive because a Plant is much more likeable,” says Ben. And In vitro meat, laboratory-grown tissue, need in five to ten years, until the market is capable of. In addition, many would say: “Yes, This is food Frankenstein.”

One of the Rügenwalder mill, which works at some point without meat, does not exclude the Röben against it. “The consumer will decide. We are no missionaries,” he says. The Currywurst has caught it.

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