Salt of lemon: This ingredient improves every dish – so you can make them yourself


Among chefs seems to be it fashion, food, finally, season with a Geriesel of lemon zest – says to me, Ingo Holland, a chef who has made his Restaurant “Altes Rentamt” in Klingenberg, the (I think) the best local source for spices and spice blends – the “Old Gewürzamt” means. Add the lemon zest at all, Holland is “too much” is Good – I am but me, because I go crazy for a Long time already for the stuff and so, so wrong not with my inclination that can.

in addition to fresh abrasion, there is a further, although less frequent preparation. Also, this I love and – salt, lemons recommend. These are the fruits that are put in either granular salt or a strong brine and months tire. Not if your acid they are used and not in the flesh, but the chopped peel is used. Lots of you will find salt, lemons, where there are also lots of olives. Also in the glass preserved there, pretty and bright.

but You can restore it from Morocco to the root end of the specialty itself. I’ve done this before years ago when I got freshly brought from the tree-picked lemons. Since then I do it again and again, because just a little of the peel in dishes a brilliant effect and I am at the table as a clever Jack of all trades.

To prepare to take ceramics

Everything you need, are Biozitronen, coarse-grained rock salt, and a ceramic vessel with a lid. Glass would work too, but the ceramic protects against Fading. The concentrated mixture of salt and acid, resulting from the preparation, is so blatant that the vessel should be inert (Latin for “inactive, passive, sluggish”). I’m avoiding vessel of any metal. I didn’t do it already with a supposed stainless steel, which was then so precious. And also enameled Ware may have cracks or flaking, and the contact of salt and acid would be the bare metal to oxidize. One wants to bite on something? No, Sir!

The salt should be of the bag in pounds – or even Five-Kilo Pack, as for the gastronomy. Rock salt is a mass arrest incident is a natural Mineral (also halite), and the like of the bells and whistles trade, blatant, however, like to moon prices. More than two euros per Kilo, you should not pay, and as many syllables as “Ur” or words like “natural” and “pure” on the package. The naughty most of the Schubeck Alfons, the demands for his rock salt crazy ceramic 44.25 euros per Kilo makes it (probably he thinks he’s a Fox).

in the basement so that

The ceramic pot (I buy this kind of goods on the Potter’s market), wash and dry. The soil with a 1-2 cm layer of salt fill. The washed lemons from a Pole forth crosswise. The somewhat unruly fruit to the Phillips gently, but determined, open and with a bit of rock salt plugs.

The so-Packed lemon as an amphora on the Salt, then more fruit, such as described in prepare and this close to each other on the salt bed to pack. Also, if the lemons now feel like too many people in a narrow Elevator: Always something that will fit in the spaces in between. I fill all voids with additional salt, and ceiling of the fruit with a 1-2 cm thick layer. Now I press the juice from another lemon and pour as much of the salt, until the liquid on its surface. I’m sealing the vessel with the lid, place the lemons in the cellar and forget them for 3 months.

From now on, the time works for me. There is so much salt that dissolves in the juice, that a saturated solution forms, in the the fruit rind quasi-gart. The shell is beißbar, remains fixed but cutting, the shrinkage of the bitter substances of the shell, however, and there is a complex, strong, spicy flavor – the whole thing is similar to the preparation and maturation of capers (but the taste is totally different).

Yes, nothing better to do than for the fruit, and it comes to the formation of mold? No, the charge of salt and acid is so strong that any else so vividly interested bacteria and fungi hilt.

Moroccan chicken

How, I now put the lemon? I’ll take a piece of fruit, four tele you lengthwise and scraping the pulp with a spoon (take it away, or the mass in a strainer to Express the liquid as Würzessenz use, how to screening the whole lemon lake after consumption of the last lemon and as a seasoning in a bottle can store to Taste for sauces). The shell I cut first into strips and then into cubes.

I skins 1 chicken and parts of it in the legs, thighs and chunks of breast meat, as well as the back. I soaked 75 g chickpeas overnight and you köchle in 3/4 l of water for about 2 hours soft.

they Are almost cooked, you add the Chicken pieces and pack 2 streaky, sliced onions, and ditto raisins 100 g, 1 roughly chopped carrot, 1 Cinnamon stick and 1 Bay leaf – salt. This I gare for 20 minutes, stirring 1 gestr. TSP turmeric and 1/2 TSP of potato flour with a little cold water smooth, stir in the simmering pot, and gare a further 10 minutes.

This is also the Moment, since I have 1-2 TBSP diced lemon peel to add.

I prepared the rice, chop the parsley or coriander, from a seasoning with black pepper, taste and the dish serve, sprinkled with chopped Green. I am pleased of my life, accompanied by wine or – as in Morocco – grape juice would make. The following is a good one.

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