Schrumpel Potato? You can make puree out of it: Five tips to prevent food waste


There are foods that end up particularly quickly in the garbage bin. It should be, because they spoil quickly or because they could no longer taste after a few days as well. According to the statistics portal, “Statista” indicates more than one in five German, regular bread and rolls to throw away. Only fruit and vegetables are still disposed of more often in the dustbin. Also on the Negative-podium represented: sausage and cold cuts, such as Salami or ham.

throughout the year, builds up a considerable mountain of food: 82 kg throws away every German on average. Not everything that ends up in the bin, but it belongs there as well. This is especially true for loaves of bread, toast or rolls from the day before. Often, they are just a little dry or the crust is a crash not so nice – unfit, or to be corrupted, they are not so long. Only exception: The bread has recognized molds. Then it really belongs in the garbage. Generous bad Spots cut away, brings nothing more. The mold often has moved the whole loaf.

Who buys too much bread, you can freeze it, however, and, depending on the need for thawing. So to avoid that the slices end up in the trash. With other food, you can use the same procedure: The potato is already wrinkled? You can make puree out of it. The Oil is filled lures? Set it up in the heat. We provide tips on how you can avoid food waste in everyday life quite easily.

source: “Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg”

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