Seven cooling dishes, in order to withstand the heat


The heat beating on the stomach, especially hearty dishes are really easy to digest. As well, that there is no cooling at the end of dishes that are not only cold, but also exceptionally good taste. For example, the summer rolls: they’re the healthy Alternative to deep-fried spring – and they also taste much better. Whether with meat, vegan or vegetarian filled, is up to you.

recipe for Vietnamese summer

rolls ingredients:

soaked 20 g glass noodles (rice Vermicelli), 8 minutes in freshly boiled water, then poured off, abgespült1 small piece of lettuce, in strips geschnitten1 carrot, peeled and cut into fine strips geschnitten10-15 sheets Reispapier100 g of boiled chicken meat, zerzupftein few Minzezweige1/2 Mango, cut into strips

For the Dip:

2 TABLESPOONS sweet Sojasauce1 TBSP Sriracha-Sauce1 teaspoon fine peanut butter


Dipzutaten stir and set aside.

Deep plate with water and dry tea towel spread.

A sheet of rice paper soak a few seconds in the water. Lift out and lay flat on a cloth spread out.

2 TABLESPOONS of filling on the bottom center of the rice paper to distribute. To taste the meat cause.

The bottom edge over the filling fold.

fold the sides inwards.

In the middle of the rice paper, a few mint leaves place.

fold The top edge of the rice paper about it.

With the seam down under a damp cloth and put the Rest to prepare.

With the Dip and serve.

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