Seven mistakes that you should avoid, food to waste


Many of the food end up in the trash, although they are still edible. Because the date of minimum durability and lack of Knowledge are not innocent.

indicating the date of minimum durability?

Up to the date of minimum durability (best before) should be a product usually in Top condition – so its full flavor, keep, or do not become muddy. Of course, this requires proper storage, and an intact packaging. Especially long-lasting food such as rice, noodles or tea, however, can remain far beyond the best-before date in addition to without the concerns edible.

when should you throw away food better?

If the ‘use by’ date is reached – to use customers by the marking “up”.

what Were special caution is necessary?

Fresh poultry or meat, you should not use after the ‘use by’ date. If you have discovered significant changes in color, consistency, smell, or taste, you should dispose of the products better.

food waste is a big Problem?

an Estimated 89 million tonnes of food are wasted after a paper of the Dutch and Swedish governments each year in Europe is wasted. The EU Commission even speak to 100 million tonnes – this corresponds to one third of food for human consumption. Not all food waste to land in the private garbage – some of the products reach the consumer in the first place, because they are already damaged during Transport or because of events remaining on the Buffet left.

What are the errors you make, the food waste can contribute, and how you can avoid them, learn the route in the following photo.

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