Six dishes, you need to have in Paris tried (and now cook)


Paris was always intended to be a for the food and Enjoy important city. So it writes Clotilde Dusolier in your Paris-the cookbook “La Cuisine de Paris”, appeared in the Christian-Verlag.

Paris had already in the 19th century. Century large vineyards and in the surrounding areas of fertile wetlands, on which they could grow vegetables, salads and herbs. Outside there were Fields of grain, which was milled and processed into bread. Forests and pastures supplied the city with Wild, breeding livestock, and dairy products. The Paris indulged in the culinary offerings. And Paris is also a center of Power and wealth, the Elite sought-after delicacies from other provinces and were open to New, sometimes strange flavors. These influences were the Paris kitchen to the one she is today.

Good food and the Savoir-Vivre, to live, so to ‘understand’ belongs to the French way of life. In France, only good products to come on the dining room table. And not only at home but also in the Restaurant. The French cuisine is one the most influential country kitchen in Europe. In the 19th century. Century was already the Haute cuisine, which became the French national cuisine. Just as in Germany, in France there are various regional cuisines, based on different ingredients, combinations and preparation methods.

Tartar, Moules frites, Crème brûlée

What you should order in French

By Denise Snieguole Wachter France – the country of cheese and wine

It is said that French cuisine was born with the French Revolution. Good food was withheld, until then, only the French nobility and the monarch. The common people had to suffer from Hunger. With the beheading of Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette, all of this changed abruptly. The chefs of the Royal court lost their jobs and had to reorient themselves. At the French court, the food has been celebrated. The menu of five, seven, nine, or even more gears are not uncommon. It was only when the former cooks of the nobility in Restaurants, settled, had the people finally have the opportunity to enjoy the fine French cuisine. You could also place an order for the first time, à la carte, so a dish of the card.

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