So a lot of water to consume our food – Platz 1 is not meat


That meat in the production consumes a lot of water, is the most clear. But it is not the food with the highest water consumption, such as a Research has found. Beef fails with an average of 15.490 litres per Kilo to beech, the pork takes about 4.730 liters and poultry 4,000 liters. Beef is among the Top 10 food most in need of water. A food but has the highest consumption of cocoa.

For a Kilo of cocoa whole of 27,000 litres of water must be expended beans. The is immense. When you consider how much the chocolate bars in the supermarket shelves towers. The water-saving food is the tomato, for the production of a Kilo of sun-ripened tomatoes, you need 110 litres. In comparison: This is about 250 Times less than in the case of cocoa.

especially – and fruits such as carrots, potatoes and green salad foods that need less water are vegetables. All are under 250 litres for one Kilo.

if you want to save water, you should avoid the following ten foods

1. Cocoa 27,000 liters (per kilogram)

2. Roasted coffee 21.000 liters

3. Beef 15.490 Liter

4. Nuts 5,000 litres

5. Millet 5,000 litres

6. Pork 4.730 liters

7. Poultry 4,000 liters

8. Raw rice 3.470 Liter

9. Eggs 3.300 litres

10. Coconut 2,500 liters

The least amount of water will require the following ten foods

1. Apples 700 liters (per kilogram)

2. Milk 600 litres

3. Lemons 360 litres

4. Cucumber 350 liters

5. 280 litres

6 onions. 280 litres

7 strawberries. Green salad 240 litre

8. Potatoes 210 liters

9. Carrots 130 litres

10. Tomatoes 110 litres

Who can restrict to protect the environment and also the water consumption can be reduced. For example, a meat-enough for a free day, to save water. Assuming an average Per capita consumption of 14.6 kg of beef per year, can save a consumer a vegetarian day in the week to 2.08 pounds of meat. The equivalent of the water the 32.219 liters of water. With this amount, you can take a shower for almost a year and a half long every day.

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