So you have eaten ice cream never


There is hardly anyone who does not love ice cream. Around the world, you eat the cold, sweet Dessert like. In Japan, for example, Mochi Turkey Dondurma. What you will learn in the following images.

by the Way, there is also a fascinating ice cream recipe with just one ingredient – and without an ice cream maker. Sounds impossible? We have tried it:

For this-ingredients-ice cream you need to cut a ripe banana into small pieces. The banana should not be over-ripe and very soft. It doesn’t matter what is the size of the pieces. Freeze them for at least two hours, best to let the banana pieces overnight in the freezer.

And suddenly it’s ice cream

If the banana pieces are frozen, puree them either in a blender or in a chopper. At the first stop mixing the pieces are still quite rough, they look crumbly. After that, they change their Texture and become viscous as Mus. From time to Time, the Mus smoother – and all of a sudden the consistency is changing. What looked like crushed banana becomes a creamy banana icecream. Almost like magic! Either you eat the ice cream immediately or allow it to once again properly in the freezer to freeze.

Why change the banana for consistency? The pectin content of the fruit. Pectin is used in industry, often as a gelling agent. In the banana pectin in small quantities. The enough, however, that a creamy mass, if the banana is mashed. Therefore, it is perfectly suited for the creamy One-ingredient ice cream.

of Course, the One-ingredient banana icecream has a certain charm, but anyone who wants to spice up his ice cream, can freely add other ingredients. How about a banana icecream with chocolate pieces, peanut butter, almonds or honey?


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