So you make vinegar easily


sure, you can buy in the supermarket 100 milliliters of raspberry vinegar for $ 2.99. But there is also a raspberry vinegar to make a start. The Same is true for vinegar with tarragon, thyme, and probably also with any fruit. You don’t need anything as clean fruits or herbs, empty bottles and a decent wine vinegar as liters of product.

Sometimes, when I stand in the big market in front of the shelves, I am surprised about what is being offered in some corners, as well; for example, tarragon vinegar, detained in the bottle, a single grey tarragon sprig on the aisle in the eternal garden of reasons.

once, I had to buy tarragon in a container size, the quantity of which I never can consume, I grabbed 1 l wine vinegar, in the car, stuffed the majority of the branches in two Dig, filled it with vinegar, closed it and placed it for a few weeks in a South-facing window. In the first days of the tarragon made a surprised impression (to see how I interpreted it, to increased colour), but then it was matt and went color-on to what I knew from the wholesale market (only the branch was not alone, but in company).

I thought the stuff wegzugießen been opened but the bottle and sniffed. Sniffed? The tarragon, or rather, his spirit, his dissolved essential Oils, gave me full on the Twelve! Wow, I was astonished as Aladdin, so this is the power of the Djinn, so this is tarragon vinegar.

In the summer of 2018, I continued my Attempts, bought raspberries from the market, and also put the vinegar. I waited again for a couple of weeks, saw the acid of the vinegar diffused with the cell juice of the fruit, from seihte the Sabsch through a sieve clean and have, since then, the most beautiful raspberry vinegar of all time. A full Liter for the price of 100 milliliters of the factory stuff (about) – quiet shot, by the way. Note: acid-decomposed vegetable Green, but not Red.

I think it’s gorgeous, like the processes of physics, biology and chemistry (and even better, probably the Combination of all three – science were never my thing), wonderfully I think, then, how can such processes over long periods of time and without any fault of their own, for work.

He’s back, the Rumtopf

we Rumtopf Take. Similar to the acid in the wine vinegar, the alcohol in the Rum. I see the Rumtopf as a kind of pension Fund, with the difference that I get what I put in there, at the end, too full again, adds to the interest and the interest of finishing, the experience of my fruits in the ripening months, and to me the winter of pleasure, at least in the moments of enjoyment to a glorious summer can be.

Long the rum was considered to be paternal and stored, an alcoholic pop compote, the diehards will be dumped behind the bandage, with (at tables in the Reich Chancellery style) great brazen stories from the boiler of Kursk to pour. But he is back. Readers have written to me, colleagues have raised me on him. So I started at the Potter’s gedeckeltes stoneware is purchased and, in the meantime, to fill it peu à peu, as a work in progress, as a process, I will put the weeks of the summer fruit to fruit.

With the strawberries I began, flawless fruit, which I after Brushing weighed. I measured their weight in fine sugar, the berries gently into the pot, let the sugar rain and afterwards poured 1 bottle of Rum, 54 Vol.-%.

the Relevant works to explain to me that the sugar dissolves in the alcohol, and both together protect the berries from spoiling and the cell tissue of the fruit by penetrate without destroying it.

Whether this process is now called Diffusion, maceration, or osmosis, is me at the end as confusing as the same, as long as the result tastes good. And, I know, it is. To strawberries

I can handle alone, because the literature demands it. Personally, I don’t think that strawberries get an alcoholic Ersäufnis. You look at the end somehow leichig me remind you of Lord Nelson, the man put to death in the naval battle of Trafalgar to the preservative in a barrel, under a Brandy and to London sailed, where you have to cut him a sissy now – to the hero’s tomb.

The question to the right Mature

For a good rum should not be the fruits ripe, but fully ripe. Why? Because you would lose otherwise, your grace, so it writes to Ignatius spatula, “the art of cooking venerable member”, in his book, “The kölnische delicious eating” (1819).

In July, I’ll give sour cherries in August, peaches, apricots and plums (these three skinned, pitted and quartered), and in September the Plums (stoned) to follow and in October, peeled and entkröst) pears (. In November, I hope to be able to pineapple pass (peeled, entstrunkt and corners cut). Also halved and polished quinces seem to be suitable. When applying the Rumtopfes to use fruit and sugar in a ratio of 1 : 1, in the result, then only half as much sugar as fruit. Every Time as much 54 percent of Rum is pouring to that of the liquid finger is about the fruit.

And what is with blueberries? To be muddy; raspberries, ditto. Blackberries are berries in the rum hard. Also Apples harden and are no joy.

In the Advent, I hope to enjoy the rum punch then, finally, always a bit over Panna cotta, or Quark.

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