Sober is the new Cool is booming: Why non-alcoholic spirits and Bars


in the evening. The first bottle popping, whether it’s beer, or the Cork of a wine. Alcohol is one of many at the end of the day. The word beer comes finally of approximately. However, it is a trend reversal. Young people drink less alcohol.

According to a study by the Federal centre for health education, ten percent of 12 – to 17-Year-olds in the year 2016 drank regularly, at least once a week, alcohol. In 2004, this share stood at 21.2 percent. Also in the 18 – to 25-Year-olds, this tendency can be seen. 2016 30.7 percent regularly drank alcoholic beverages in 2004 to 43.6 percent. In other European countries, the Numbers are similar. Not Drinking could be the next big Trend.

alcohol-free celebrations, for example, already in Berlin. The party series “Sober Sensations” offers what the young people want to: dance and Mocktails, alcohol-free Cocktails. Every Wednesday you can look forward to Smoothies, lemonades, coconut water, and ginger Shots. The next day, with the full dose of vitamins and guaranteed to be hangover-free start to the day.

It is sober

longing for honest products

in The Mainstream is dead – like the taste of Millennials, the food industry

destroys The Global players in the food industry are under pressure. The Generation of the 20 to mid-30-Year-old calls a natural and honest products. The time of the food for the masses appears to be over with it.

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

Also in New York City, it’s sober. With the “list Bar” has opened the first Bar, in which no spirits are served, and alcohol-free. In the U.S., the Trend is called “sober curious”, what means as much as a sober and curious. The idea provider and founder of the Bar Lorelei Bandrovschi said in an Interview with “Today” that it was a normal Bar with Drinks, but that they don’t think it is as much alcohol in the drinks. “We want to create a place where it is normal to be sober,” said the Bar-owner.

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The “sober curious”movement of rubbing alcohol completely from your life. It comes to focus on the health, sleep and well-being. You should always remember how it feels to have a hangover the next day.

Ruby Warrington, the author of the book “Sober Curious”, told “Good Morning America” that she believes Fasting is a Lifestyle for all it could be. “We don’t have to drink. There is nothing that says that you have to consume as an adult, alcohol,” she added. “And yet in our society we don’t really believe that. In fact, it is the Norm.” Your book encourages the reader to pay more attention to the consumption of alcohol.

alcohol-free wines and spirits on the market


I’ve had a year of no alcohol – these are the nine things I’ve learned

In the same score to beat spirits, which are now produced alcohol-free. For example, the Gin “Siegfried Wonderleaf” or alcohol-free wine as the Berlin-based Start-up column is Null. Who doesn’t miss the taste of Gin and Tonic or a glass of wine in the evening as a treat, but the after-effects, to give more choice. Be it in the supermarket shelf or in the Bar. And this is exactly what the “sober curious”movement. Not only necessarily to completely abstain from alcohol, but to let the people the choice of whether you want to Gin and Tonic with a shot or without the grip.

sources: “Today”, “Good Morning America”

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