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What happens in the kitchen, remained in the kitchen. In London, the Michelin-starred chef Karunesh Khanna had to admit now, publicly, to have regular bouillon cubes from Knorr used to give his food of strength and taste.

The Reputation of an elite Michelin-starred Restaurants, it gets bad when it turns out that the Broths and stocks for the food is not cooked by themselves, but the time saving are purchased. Here is added that Khanna had not shopped at a high-end suppliers. but resorted to the very inexpensive, Knorr products had.

The price is not appropriate

religious war vegan Restaurant

Vegan-icons as a steak eater coming out of the closet – hell breaks los

Terces and Mathew Engelhart leaders were of the vegan community in Hollywood. Then it came out that the restaurateurs even eat like Steaks. Now you get death threats.

Gernot Kramper

A day’s menu with wine costs at least 114 pounds. Since it would be cheap ingredient bad enough. But especially noteworthy is another fact: Khanna pimpte is its vegetarian and vegan dishes with chicken broth and other ingredients. And even if the Brühextrakt Knorr are in him, but in fact, chicken stock, parts included. The vegetarian customer knew of course nothing of the meat additions in your dishes.

As employees because of these practices internally in the dam, said the cook to the Manager: “guests do not need to know something.” He held on to the Knorr-addition. The other employees are no longer dared then to rebel. But Manager Mafis Ali is supposed to have about the brewing Adulteration particularly excited. Not only because Vegans and vegetarians have been deceived, Ali was on another point, outraged: Many religious people order vegan or vegetarian dishes, in order to comply with the rules of their faith. They were also deceived with the cooked ingredients.

food revolt in the Army: maggots, mold, blood – soldiers post disgusting food, and now Fullscreen

Army-delicacy: semi-raw chicken be punished.

©FillYourBootz/Facebook Who moserte, flew out,

Mafis Ali the management of the company and the other top chefs of the company, informed them of the scalding outrage. The reaction from above came the prompt: ‘Ali was fired. Of the company, it was important to keep the Star chef. The Manager appeared to be replaceable. Even celebrities such as David Beckham and Charlize Theron raved about Khannas culinary arts.

The notice was short-sighted, because it is precisely because of the unjust litter produced Out of a process before the labour court. In this way, the whole world learned from the Knorr-scandal in the Michelin kitchen. In the procedure, Khanna had to admit that he had actually used the Knorr ingredients. The labour court has now decided that Mafis Ali was unfairly dismissed. Him is entitled to compensation.

cooking about kitchens

“This Slop is not fit even for pigs”

cooking in the hospital? As hell – for the staff and the poor patients. An open letter to a Briton threw his Job. His opinion: If you already cook, then in prison, as more money is spent on better food.


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