Sticky history of chewing gum, the whole world has been conquered


To assert

, the gum would have changed the course of the world, would, perhaps, be exaggerated. However, it has stapled itself undoubtedly on the heels of human history – rather, glued and is now to get rid of nor ignored. A milestone in the history of the was 27. July, 1869, exactly 150 years ago, as a certain Amos Tyler from Ohio received a Patent for an “improved chewing gum-connection” received. It is considered the first industrial property law, for the sticky mass. But the world had chewed up long before that.

The oldest known chewing gum-precursor is more than 9000 years old, how Nutritional sociologist Pamela Kerschke-explained Risch of the University of Hamburg. At that time, people around mouthfuls in today’s Scandinavia on the resin of birch trees. “There is likely to be the Kautrieb have been met,” says the expert. If the person eats, has secured its Survival – that’s why the Chewing calmed down already. Even today.

It serves to establish the concentration and help with Stress. Not without reason you see many athletes before important Games, such as you worked at and smacking your oil derivative. Because this is the basic substance of modern chewing gum – mixed with flavorings, sweeteners, plasticizers, and dyes.

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By Denise Snieguole Wachter chewing gum has the whole world conquered

However, the chewing gum made it not only the largest sporting events in the world, but also in exhibition halls, conference rooms, concerts, and the last corner of the earth. Even in space the bubbles have been popped blown up it. Soldiers got the rubber in the war between the teeth. And after the victory over Nazi Germany, distributed in US fighters not only cigarettes, but also chewing gum to the population.

The adhesive composition has a habit of not only the history of determined claws: No sidewalk from the small patch, the only short-white, and soon black. Countless pants were ruined by chewing gum. And who has ever gotten one in the hair, know as the scissors ran (Oil or Butter must to do it, but allegedly also). So it’s no wonder that, in clean Singapore, import and sale of gum is prohibited.

However, bans, as we know, only more, and so was the chewing Gum in school because it is also an expression of a Rebellentums against the Very-Front-seater, and With-the-fingers-flick of my wrist. Seditious malmende pine in the last row signal is focused to the geek: just continue with Your nonsense, I’m too cool for you. Finally, the gum ended up under the table, as an outstretched middle finger to the Establishment.

chewing gum for the Rebellion and for the Smooch

However, it is not only Pose, but also to taste. Peppermint has long been the long-time favorite offer – but it is pretty much all varieties. Some one needs to only smell and feel to the camp back. You chewed one after the other, and hoped that the fate catapults on the seat next to the girl with the sweet Pony.

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a snog. This is then, as now, one of the best reasons to buy a pack of gum. “You take it, specifically before the first Date, because you have to make sure to have a fresh breath,” says sociologist Kerschke-Risch. It is also a professional Übertöner is, in fact, just the smells, you don’t want to open his mouth. Onion – and alcohol-flags, or cold coffee to the haze, not to Mention Tilting.

special chewing gums also help people to stop Smoking or relieve the dizziness when traveling. And if in the plane of the pressure equalization on the ear, you may notice that the Chewing miracle.

There are those who consider the Golden years of chewing gum history. To Kerschke expert-a generic from the Reports of lower sales figures but not derive: “It may be that there is a slight decline, but it can be variations,” she says. This is not easy way to get the chewing gum eventually.

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