Stiftung Warentest, reveals the dark mystery of charcoal for the BBQ


Whether in the garden or in the Park, who wants to grill, a small charcoal grill, you can without problems carry enough already. Then you need food like meat, vegetables, grill cheese, and the BBQ coal. And it precisely the way it goes. Better said, about where the wood actually comes.

The Stiftung Warentest has viewed by 17 charcoal on the Barbecue in more detail. The industry is not very transparent, such as from Stiftung Warentest for the judge. A sample of let the Foundation of test charcoal from supermarkets, hardware stores were to analyze, in the beverage market and at the gas station using a special microscope. Shockingly, several retailers sell to trophy wood. On nine of 17 Stäcken neither wood species nor origin were specified in five of the coal was from the tropical or subtropical area.

consumer fraud

WWF and NDR cover to: The dark secret of our barbecue coal

By Denise Snieguole Wachter charcoal product, wrong

declares A product was particularly negative. The “Max Grill & Barbecue”charcoal bears the FSC seal (Forest Stewardship Council), which identifies coal as a sustainable and from local countries. Actually. In fact, the bag was completely made of tropical wood. Some 233,000 tonnes of wood charcoal were imported according to Eurostat, 2018 to Germany. Without knowing so, the Germans to the destruction of tropical and rain forests. The Problem: It is illegal to import tropical wood, but not if these timbers were previously processed to charcoal.

Stiftung Warentest advises, therefore, to only select products where the type of wood and indicate the origin, and the bears in the best case, a seal such as FSC, nature, country, or PEFC. In the Test, the “Flammenco Grill-charcoal” (1.17 euros per kilogram) best meets these criteria. Low, the depletion is a risk also in the “favorite Barbecue” (2 Euro) and the “Book Grill-charcoal” Pro-Fagus (€2.60) Book. In the case of the “favorite high quality BBQ charcoal” is not declared, the type of wood and origin, it is made of tropical wood.

read the full Test here, for a fee!

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